Gun Sevitors of the Imperial Inquisition.


Behold the mighty Gun Servitors of the Imperial Inquisition!

I’ve been noodling with this idea for a long time. This weekend in a flurry of kit bashing they came together. I’m pretty pleased with them. The one on the right has a heavy bolter and a chain fist, while the one on the left has a heavy flamer and a flail arm.

The ingredients list is as follows:

Main bodies are black orks, skeleton, zombie head, IG heavy bolter, Heavy flamer from a Defiler, purity seals and reliquaries from Grey Knights, the flails are from beastmen, some capacitors, IG flamer tanks, I think those Aquilas are Chimera radar dishes, plastic tube, plastic card, guitar string, and green stuff. Oh and a metal hose from a Killa kan and some parts cut off wargames foundry shock troopers weapons.


Audria 7613



Gatharuda 1023




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