Dark Heresy: Online 39

The group of suited men move through the doors at the rear of the hangar and the team follows. The unseen skulkers sheepishly step out from their hiding places and follow you through, closing the door behind them.

The group leads you down a long hallway tiled in small squares of bone white. You pass by numerous closed steel doors along the way and finally ascend a short flight of steps, pass through a heavy door, much like an air lock and enter a large chamber.

The chamber, once a control room of sorts is filled with powered down cogitators, logic engines and massive index calibrators. All sorts of detritus is stacked around the machines, and you can see palettes set up for sleeping.

The old man turns to you and removes his helmet. His face is bright, through creased with wrinkles and trailing a shaggy bit of white beard. He smiles at you.

Lucius removes his helmet and the man looks at his face startled.

“Face to face. Ha! Not what I expected at all! I should have known! Ha! Welcome to our fastness. Our last redoubt against the unholy in the land of sifting corrosion and wind blown hell. I am Horatio Delgadus, Master Custodian.” He makes a seeping gesture at the crowded room.

The other men begin removing their suits.

Lucius steps out of his gear and addresses the man.

“Now that we may speak face to face… I do wish to inquire what has happened in this area?”

The old man looks the priest over and begins to speak.

“We are the remaining few. The last survivors of the custodial crew left to care for the decommissioned mining works. Thirty years have we kept at our duties. Now evil has descended on this world and it preys on us. Our cries for help go unanswered. Two years…” The old man stops abruptly. All the men are looking most appreciatively at Curtis as she removes her environment suit. Suddenly the old man notices his awkward pause an coughs loudly. The custodians all lower their eyes and return to folding their suits.

“We thank you for coming to our aid. I rejoice in my heart the Emperor has brought our distress signal to your ears. What is your name, sir, that I may thank you? Did the blessed Munitorium send you? Who commands you?”

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