Combat Servitors and Renegade Pit Slaves.

I finished up a few models a while back but haven’t had a chance to post them. First up are the two Combat Servitors I posted about a long time ago when I was building them. They finally have paint and are now waiting on a game of Inq28 or Necromunda. They combine both ranged and melee combat abilities. One armed with a heavy flamer and a double flail arm, the other with a chainfist and a heavy bolter. Just what the Inquisition would bring in for a underhive cleansing operation.


The next group is a team of escaped pit slaves. Cyborg gladiators broken loose from their arena kennels and roaming free in the underhive working as hired killers to any with the throne gelt to pay them, like the A-Team, only with electro flails and chainsaws for arms. Oh man… now I want that to be a show really bad.


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