Combat Servitors and Renegade Pit Slaves.

I finished up a few models a while back but haven’t had a chance to post them. First up are the two Combat Servitors I posted about a long time ago when I was building them. They finally have paint and are now waiting on a game of Inq28 or Necromunda. They combine both ranged and melee combat abilities. One armed with a heavy flamer and a double flail arm, the other with a chainfist and a heavy bolter. Just what the Inquisition would bring in for a underhive cleansing operation.


The next group is a team of escaped pit slaves. Cyborg gladiators broken loose from their arena kennels and roaming free in the underhive working as hired killers to any with the throne gelt to pay them, like the A-Team, only with electro flails and chainsaws for arms. Oh man… now I want that to be a show really bad.


Necromunda Terrain: Bullet Manufactorum and Primer.


I put a few things together this summer and just now am getting around to posting them here.


I got tired of looking at that Pringles can factory and I tore it down to the base. I builtĀ  a whole new structure on top of it and I’ve been calling it the Bullet Factory or Bullet Manufactorum to be more 40k about it. The main structure is made from styrofoam packing pieces, cereal boxes, and some plumbing fittings. All the details are just found bits.


I primered the other pieces (the shanty stacks, the scrap yard, and the watering hole) while I was building the factory. I’m still musing over the fate of the big overpass road way in the back.


Next, I built a toxic chem swamp area with leaking tanks and perilous bridges. Made from water bottles, card board and not much else.


I also roughed up a simple vacant lot with fence because I didn’t want place to be so crowded. But I couldn’t leave it alone, so it’s now in the process of getting a watch tower.


I think these new areas will make for some interesting game play options.


I finally primered up the factory. I used the wrong kind of paint and it looked funny, to shiny, so I had to run to the store and get the right paint and redo it.


I hope to be able to get the air brush out and see how it does getting some real color on these pieces.

Next in the works is a small town center, a sort of commercial hub with a gun shop, meat shack, and an apothecary.

I’ve also started building an inquisitor band for INQ28 so this Necromunda terrain may feel the heavy tread of the Inquisition first.

Gun Sevitors of the Imperial Inquisition.


Behold the mighty Gun Servitors of the Imperial Inquisition!

I’ve been noodling with this idea for a long time. This weekend in a flurry of kit bashing they came together. I’m pretty pleased with them. The one on the right has a heavy bolter and a chain fist, while the one on the left has a heavy flamer and a flail arm.

The ingredients list is as follows:

Main bodies are black orks, skeleton, zombie head, IG heavy bolter, Heavy flamer from a Defiler, purity seals and reliquaries from Grey Knights, the flails are from beastmen, some capacitors, IG flamer tanks, I think those Aquilas are Chimera radar dishes, plastic tube, plastic card, guitar string, and green stuff. Oh and a metal hose from a Killa kan and some parts cut off wargames foundry shock troopers weapons.


Audria 7613



Gatharuda 1023




Gamma World Denizens in 3D!

Been 3d sketching Gamma World denizens with Grandma’s homemade playdoh, while playing with my daughter. I get to make my little weird dudes and monsters in between all the kittens and baby elephants I’m bidden to produce so my sweet child can systematically dismember them. I enjoy it as the consistency of the material only allows you a limited amount of scale and detail. I just try for the most character I can get with a blend of distinguishing features and simple details. Then they get smooshed.