Miniatures Painting Contest!

Waterloo Minis is having another painting contest. Here’s what Rob has to say about it.

“Please join in our second painting contest, starting Wednesday July
30th. Here’s the rules:

–single model figure (individual or character), 25/28mm, from any
miniatures line we carry and have in the shop.
–must purchase your figure from our shop, starting July 30th.
–all models must be turned in by midnight, Friday September 12th.
–judging and decision made by 4pm Saturday Sept 13th.
–prizes for first place and second place, and youngest entrant.
–prizes are $15 gift certificates for Waterloo Minis.”

So get on over to Waterloo and grab up some minis.

GW Store: Warhammer 40k 5th Edtion Release Day Events!

Games Workshop stores will be staying open late and hosting all sorts of dark future fun and games, onĀ  July 11th for the big release of 5th ed. Check out this flier I found on Bell of Lost Souls.

I hope I can make it out for this one. I went out to our local Stony Point store, for the midnight Apocalypse release and had a pretty good time, blasting on 10,000 points of Imperial guard and Space Marines with my new custom Big Mek Stompa.