Big Mek Torklug’s shiny new gubbinz!

Big Mek Torklug has spent a lot of time on the my work bench. He started out his life as a Big Mek with KFF. But you know dese Big Meks is nevva satisfied wif anyfink. So he got himself a kustom mega blasta too. Then the new codex came out and rendered his setup illegal. Torklug was sad, so sad in fact, that he set to blasting up his mek shop with said Kustom mega blasta, only to have it over heat and explode, taking his whole arm with it, in good orky fashion. Torklug couldn’t have been happier! He slapped together a nice new mekanical arm, with a big choppy Klaw and now he’s back in the Waaagh!!!!


See more exciting pics here.

I’ll get his paint job sorted out shortly, and post him in the Showcase Gallery forum, when he’s all done.

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