Terrain: Machine cut ruins kits.

Even though the weather here is crap, during a brief window of opportunity yesterday, I got outside and put some paint on the assembled ruins kits.

They are looking good. They also have a nice weight to them and are super sturdy, so they won’t fall over easily and will with stand years of gaming. The individual kits can also be arranged to form larger buildings, for intense city fighting or apocalyptic scale battles.

Our packages come in three sizes: small, medium and large ruins. Each will contain a selection of machine cut parts: walls, floors, buttresses, and perhaps some undisclosed detailing bits. All the modeler has to do is glue them together and paint them up. Our designs make this simple and quick. You could easily build and paint a cities worth in a day.

The whole point of this product is to allow a wargamer to acquire a table’s worth of high quality terrain quickly and affordable way.

These are prototypes as we are refining our designs, so any comments at this stage will be a great help.


  • Pretty snazzy looking buildings you've got there. Do I understand correctly that you're making templates by which to cut others? Any chance you plan to put those templates on the web somewheres? Or go into more detail about the type of wood you're using?

    I'd be really interested in piecing together some buildings like that for my table as well… very cool.

    • skeller

      I'm glad you like them. The designs are rendered in CAD. Then feed into a CNC machine which cuts out all the parts by itself. It's like a giant robot router. We are planning to make these and sell them as affordable, easy to assemble and nice looking, model kits. As we get the designs worked out I'll post some more pics and info. The material is MDF. Medium density fiberboard. It is sturdy, has a nice weight and sticks together securely with a little wood glue. Give us a week or two to dig out from under all this snow and put some packages together and you should be able to purchase some from us if you are interested.