Apocalypse Reload: Table of Contents

Here’s a leaked pic of the table of contents for the new Games Workshop Apocalypse reload book, showing a lot of new data sheets along with many seen previously on their web site. A companion volume to the Apocalypse book which came out last year, these data sheets are all configurations for huge armies (3000pts+) to play epic battles. You can find more free data sheets from Games Workshop, here.

Source: Bell of Lost Souls, Bolter and Chainsword

Assault on Black Reach box set pics.

This September Games Workshop is releasing their new 5th edition rules box set, Assault on Black Reach. Here are some scans of the packaging that have been posted at Warseer.com.

Perfect for beginners, this set looks to be the best one yet. The plastic minis are very detailed and attest to the success of GW’s new molding procedures. The set comes with templates, dice, a mini version of the full rule book and all the models seen pictured. Since I’m a particularly biased Ork player, I’ll be getting it for the deff coptas alone! Oh but don’t forget the plastic nobs, and the warboss, and the boyz. This big ole box set might just leave me with a lot of Space Marine models that need to be traded off here at Goblin Mini-Mart come September so all you beakies stay tuned.

Want to see more pics? Look here.

Machine Cult Love.

We will be seeing a lot of the Tech Priests of Mars and their God Machines later this year. Pre-orders are up at Amazon for Titanicus, Dan Abnetts new Sabbat Crusade book. Set in the same theatre of war as the Gaunts Ghost classic series, the book follows the story of the Adeptus Titanicus Imperial War Machines. Also on pre-order status at Amazon is the new Horus Heresy book, Mechanicum, by Graham McNeil. The 9th book in the series after Ben Counters, Battle for the Abyss.  I’ve been really enjoying both the Horus Heresy series and Dan Abnetts Sabbat Crusade books, they bring the Warhammer 40k game to a new level for me. The models and rule set bring lots of table top fun, but it is the background stories and epic tales that have kept me coming back since Rogue Trader days.

Preorder some books!