Necromunda Terrain: Scrap Wastes Rework.


Sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you expected. Which is what happened with the scrap wastes piece I thought I had pretty much finished off.


I used up a truck load of premium bits and all I got was a bunch of impassable terrain. I didn’t like the single level of the place. So I added a few more elements.


A large gothic structural thing and some more convoluted pipe works. I can add some catwalks to the pipes and even toss some of my movable bridge walks over to it.


I’m happier now, even though the piece is much busier visually. I think I’ve increased its gaming potential with the additions.

Comments always appreciated.

By the way, I’m hoping to have this table ready for Historicon this year.

Necromunda Terrain: Shanty Town Riot!

I love Necromunda every last bit of it, from the worst mutant infested underhive crawl to glittering 80’s hairstyles of the spire nobles. Sadly I’ve only ever played it once. Something I decided to rectify earlier this year and after hunting down several versions of the rule books from used book sellers and dropping some cash into ebay auctions for various vintage gang models I was ready to go. Then life came along and underhive gang wars were swept aside for things far less awesome yet far more necessary. So eight months later I found myself back in the basement with three huge tubs of bits, a great pile of cardboard from the recycle bin, and a big bottle of craft glue. Below are the results of the project so far. It is all still very WIP. But I’m very excited at this point and I can’t wait to get this stuff painted and play some games.

The shanties are stack up around what would be the huge vent and flues that run all through the underhive. These would keep the huts warm and maybe allow them to leech power or water at the same time.

I thought this style of building would allow players to move their gangers in a Q-bert style up and down the piles of huts. I also have lots and lots of loose gantries which can be placed after the terrain is set.

The over pass is a ruined service road. It still needs extensive detailing and will be getting it’s own piles of shanties and rubbish soon.

I’d love to hear what people think. Advice from veteran players about what terrain types are fun to play on would be greatly appreciated.