Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer of Nurgle

I’m a giant fan boy for the new line of Nurgle themed resin conversion kits Forge World has put out this year. Kits which allow you to pimp out a box of Games Workshop Chaos Space Marines or CSM terminators in all sorts of rotten Papa Nurgle style. So when I saw this newly released Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer of Nurgle, my hand went immediately to my wallet. Although this is an affliction common to 40k gamers (check out our forums). This full model in resin is all sorts of nasty with corroded armor, scabbed and bloated flesh and a sagging disease pocked gut. Filthy Nurglings poke out of nooks and crannies and the whole model oozes foulness in a way only Nurgle can.

Source: Forge World

Apocalypse Reload: Table of Contents

Here’s a leaked pic of the table of contents for the new Games Workshop Apocalypse reload book, showing a lot of new data sheets along with many seen previously on their web site. A companion volume to the Apocalypse book which came out last year, these data sheets are all configurations for huge armies (3000pts+) to play epic battles. You can find more free data sheets from Games Workshop, here.

Source: Bell of Lost Souls, Bolter and Chainsword

GW Store: Warhammer 40k 5th Edtion Release Day Events!

Games Workshop stores will be staying open late and hosting all sorts of dark future fun and games, onĀ  July 11th for the big release of 5th ed. Check out this flier I found on Bell of Lost Souls.

I hope I can make it out for this one. I went out to our local Stony Point store, for the midnight Apocalypse release and had a pretty good time, blasting on 10,000 points of Imperial guard and Space Marines with my new custom Big Mek Stompa.