Reaper Miniatures Store!

Goblin Mini Mart is the result of a long lasting friendship. Recently I was able to pay back some of the scale tipping favors I owe by flying down to Texas and helping my friend Matt (who built and maintains this website) move into his first house. That’s right, mofo is now a Home Owner! He has a beautiful house new outside of Dallas/Fort Worth, which I discovered is not far from Denton, TX. Home of Reaper Miniatures. Needless to say we had to make a trip out there. The place is rather unassumingly situated in a corrugated warehouse space, hidden in an industrial park.

But inside was a fully stocked gaming store just stuffed full of Reaper goodness. Now it’s not like you can’t buy anything at anytime over the internets, but there is just something special about standing in a real game store chock full of the things you love.

They also had a killer back room full of painting stations with free access to all their paints. I’m a bit sad I didn’t have time to try it out.

But we had a keg of Shiner to pick up for Matt’s house warming (wrecking) party so we bought our own weight in miniatures (weresharks everywhere!) and hit the road.

I was a happy man.

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