Project Catalog: Focus on the prize.

I’ve mentioned before my tendency to constantly start new projects without finishing the previous ones. Right now, I find myself under a particularly large heap of unfinished models and terrain pieces. So I’ve decided to make a list of all those projects here in hopes of being able to work through it and clean up my work space of unfinished business. I’ve also decided to take notes when I have a great idea. Instead of just diving into a building a new project when I think of it; I’ll take notes and let the idea simmer and cook down into a refined form, until I can get to it proper. This list does not include models still in the box or on the sprue, only projects now in progress.

Let’s begin.

Categories: Orks, Chaos Renegades, Terrain and Mordheim.


1. Painting Battle Wagon.
2. Painting Stompa A.
3. Building and painting Stompa B.
4. Building and painting kustom weird boy.
5. Mega Armored Warboss Ghazghkull conversion.
6. Painting Ork Trukk conversion.
7. Building and painting Looted Wagon.
8. Paint Nobs mob.
9. Paint numerous boyz.
10. Paint two Mega Nobz.
11. Build and paint last Killa Kan mob. Thanks, The Barter Bucket!
12. Build and paint Biker Mob.
13. Paint Zap guns and crews and build and paint (1) crew.
14. Build and paint Ork Objective markers.
15. Building and painting Ork buggies and Trakks.

Well I should probably just quit right there. That list is a bit daunting.

Chaos Renegades-

1. Paint Chaos Dreadnought conversion.
2. Paint and build Chaos Renegade Guardsmen.
3. Paint Mutants.
4. Paint Renegade Ogryn.
5. Paint Plague Marines.
6. Paint Defiler.
7. Paint Rhino.
8. Paint Daemon Prince.
9. Paint DIY Great Unclean One.
10. Build and Paint Chaos Lord.
11. Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle.

I think that’s it for the Chaos…


1. Build and paint Mad Dok Morkenstiens Kastle.
2. Build and paint Great Basilica.
3. Paint Plasma Generators.
4. Paint Bombarded Park.
5. Paint Ruined Mechanicus temple.
6. Paint Machine Cut Imperial Ruins.


1. Build and paint Possessed.
2. Build and paint Magus.
3. Build and paint numerous Henchmen.

Well there ya go. Looks like that’s the end of the list…wooh! Guess I better get to work then. It is nice to have it all organized in front of me. Now, if I can stick to the plan I can finish all this stuff by 2025, and start on the models I have in blisters and boxes.

If anyone would like to make requests on what I should finish first drop me a comment.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day.


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