Necromunda Terrain: Pollution Factory, Road House/Brothel, and more!

Spent some more quality time in the workshop (basement). I’ve added two new pieces to the necromunda table and I’ve added a ton of detailing to the pieces already in progress. I made a lot of ladders I can move around on the shanty towns which I’ve begun calling Soot Town Heights.

I built a bridge over the Soot Town Heights toxic sludge pond. I can’t wait to get some glowing green sludge in there.

I’ve added a large field of wreckage and junk. It also features some sort of abandoned engine/machinery. This should contrast nicely with the tall pieces and give the gangers some relatively open ground to scrap on. I added a few pipes and detail bits to the large red chemical tank piece, but it is far from complete.

I figured every good underhive settlement needs a seedy watering hole so I scratched up a bar/brothel from cereal box card board, plasticard and a few bits. I really like the way it turned out and now I want to build and entire main street of town area, which resembles an old west type town. It has it’s own water tower and saloon style doors. The surrounding area needs a lot of detailing but I think the building is mostly finished. Except for the signage, which goes up on the roof. It’s a big billboard with one of those mudflap girl silhouettes. I’m taking suggestions for off color names for the place. So far all I have is the age old tag line, “Liquor in the front. Poker in the rear.” Yuk yuk yuk!

I swapped out the vents on the pollution factories cooling towers. I also laid out the fittings for the pipe works design. Now I just have to cut all the interconnecting pipe pieces and assemble the whole mess. It should be nice and visually complicated when I’m done, but still have room to move around above and beneath.

I am definitely having a good time building all this mess. I’ll leave you with two POV shots I found appealing.

Thanks for reading.

  • Cameron

    These are awesome. I especially like the multilevel shanty town. Looks great. These will look fantastic when they are all painted up. Great work. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Ocontep

    Unreal, very inspiring. What materials did you use for the shanty town?

    • Wayne Snyder

      Besides the pvc pipes and styrofoam base, the whole of the shanties are made from card board salvaged from the recycling bin. Cereal boxes mostly. I used a minimal amount of plasti-card, plastic tubing, and latch hook grating. The details are just junk from the bottom of the bits box.

  • Dude, did you ever paint these up and take photo’s of the finished work?