In Da Mek Shop: Building Ork Vehicles!


I visited after several months of hiatus and got so inspired I headed straight for the mek shop. It also helps that we have a big narrative campaign games day coming up. Both of these vehicles are builds I’ve been planning for a long time but could never manage to get started on.

The first was rebuilding my old gorka morka trukk in the fashion of the new GW trukk kits. I also wanted it to be a chopped down hotrod version, built for speed. I tried to reuse as much of the old truck as possible and I had this great little toy engine that fit in perfect too.






The Looted Wagon is a orky homage to the tanks from Metal Slug arcade game. I still have a ways to go on this build. The skorcha and boom gun have magnets on them so I can change up the load out and the skorcha has a neat fuel storage system the snaps onto the back. I still have lots of detail work and rivets to add on this one. Probably need to find a place to add some big exhaust pipes too.




I finally found a place to use all those extra killa kan hoses.


I thinking I might build a Kill Krusha tank when I’m done with these and finish painting on the battle wagon, if I can keep my momentum going.

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