DH RPG - Karrick Arc(3)

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Re: DH RPG - Karrick Arc

Post by ImperialServant » Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:30 pm

Lazerus will remove his helmet and try to bandage up his head, Stig will help him.

Lazerus and Stig will wait for orders from the Inquisitor.

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Re: DH RPG - Karrick Arc

Post by Wayne S » Sun Jul 29, 2012 8:15 pm

In the Storage chamber, Kron pulls the las carbine from the limp fingers of Tauron and tosses it away. Sila rolls him over and secures his hands and feet with plastic cord from her kit.

In the Hangar, Lucius climbs over the edge of the ruined elevator and presents himself to the Inquisitor.

“Greetings Inquisitor and apologies for the confusion with the anti-aircraft guns, here is my report. Col. Heart and Commissar Jenkes of the Tomaxian Guard Regt stationed here on this planet have been funneling the pirates guard grade equipment for some sort of kick -backs explaining why the codes match on these boxes for instillation 66796 of this planet. The base's cogitator here is only 5 standard imperial centuries old but has been tainted with the foul stench of dark Mechanicus workings, currently within the cogitator is a daemon that I have sealed within the 7 levels of Mechanicus encryption and is currently awaiting orders of termination or transfer of specimen. Dark Mechanicus technologies also have been noted here within this instillation from the servitors who's wetware and hardware fittings have been corrupted, to the xeno over in that hallway... a frog like creature using some form of xeno exo suit. Also through my findings on this installation through its cogitators I have found that there is more to be explored and reclaimed if a Mechanicus contingent is allowed to journey here."

The Tech Priest looks over at Lazerus and says, "This will conclude my short brief of my findings, hopefully this aids in our original objective of infiltrate and acquire information, capture as many secrets as possible... were the direct commands given. “

He looks back to the Inquisitor. "More will follow if inquired and a written report will be submitted to you within the week if requested."

Lazerus and Stig busy themselves with the task of bandaging the guardsman’s ragged head wound.

Curtis looks up teary eyed and says, "Thank you sir... thank you, it was all he ever wanted to do... to serve the Emperor." She turns to Lucious. "What of Mordakai... or Buurdok... THEY GAVE THERE LIVES TOO!"

Inquisitor Debaine steps around Curtis and the body of Prose.

“Ah, Tech Priest Lucius, you report is most welcome. You will give a full report to Adept Gundlich when we return to the Swift and Merciful, my private vessel, now in geosynchronus with this base.”

He raises his voice to take in all the adepts in the hangar.

“Zuriel, gather your team, and assemble them here in the hangar for immediate transfer to my vessel. Scimitar Team will deal with the further cataloging and purging of this base.”

Two of Debaine’s other adepts return, dragging black plastic body bags. He walks off to speak with them privately.
Stig finishes wrapping Lazerus’ head and he really looks the part of the haggard guardsman wounded yet stalwart and ready to carry on, and bring the fight to the enemies of Emperor. He walks to the elevator and shouts down to Kron and Sila.

They follow his orders and drag the unconscious Tauron to the working elevator and soon have him back in the hangar. When everyone is assembled Inquisitor Debaine approaches them and hands Lazerus bulky teleport homer.
“Zuriel, you and your teams work is done here. I will meet with you again on my vessel. Prepare to transport now. Oh, and leave the boy. Scimitar will deal with his processing.”

The Inquisitor steps away from the team and speaks briskly into his wrist. Two black clad adepts step up and remove the unconcious Tauron.

Suddenly a too bright flare of crimson engulfs the party and they feel their atoms shift and vibrate. Waves of nausea wash over them and then reality rips apart. Everything comes back together in an instant but it is a different reality. They are standing as in the hangar but now they stand in the teleportation chamber of a space craft. Fluted pylons line the walls and operators can be seen moving among panels of flickering lights beyond a thick window of temper glass. Everyone feels as if they have be put in a large metal can and shaking heartily. Heads throb, muscles ache and eyes have trouble focusing. Kron vomits onto his shoes.
A door hisses open in between the massive pylons and a servitor with a mop bucket enters. A vox hailer in the ceiling barks and the team can see the operator in the window has his finger on the button.
“Transport complete. Proceed from the chamber now.” A green light flashes over another door way as it hisses open. Lazerus and his team shuffle out of the chamber and into a stainless plasteel hallway. An orderly awaits them. She is young and cute with a shiny white smile. She is dressed in a modest grey uniform of smock and pants.

“Greetings Adepts.” She says cheerfully. “My name is Kalis Chevron. Please follow me.” She leads you through winding metallic corridors and into an infirmary. They sequester each of you in a sterile chamber crowded with complex medical machinery for two days and run a full diagnostic and restorative program on each of you. You gear and weapons are carted off by stewards, your wounds are healed with amazing technologies, you are feed, cleaned and after a few hours you feel refreshed and renewed, the horrors of the last ten days begins to fade. Only Lucius is taken to another area and left in the hands of the ships Mechanicus Priest to face a similar ordeal.

Ms. Chevron returns and you find yourselves looking at your team mates across a brightly lit white medical lobby, barely recognizing them out of their battered mud streaked body armor. Lucius is brought in by two Tech Priests and Ms. Chevron again leads you through long winding metallic corridors, up and down maglev tubes, across grand open chambers where banks of high windows look out on the endless star strewn void and finally to a suite of rooms fit for Imperial diplomats.
“The Inquisitor will meet you for a debriefing tomorrow.” Ms. Chevron announces as she hands out light keys for your individual rooms. “I will return for you then. Until that time relax and enjoy the down time.”

…to be continued…

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Re: DH RPG - Karrick Arc

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The team spends the next twenty four hours resting in their very comfortable rooms, relaxing in the suites lounge and chatting in the sitting room. Lucius and Lazerus give each other wide berth. The tech priest barely leaves his room. Curtis wanders around in awe. The woman has never seen such finery. Kron and Sila are constantly together, often locked into one of their rooms together.

Ms. Chevron appears at intervals to usher each of the team away for a private debriefing. Some are longer than others but each involves an uncomfortable metal chair in a plain room and a panel of Junior Interrogators. They are thorough.

The next day, after a sumptuous brunch has been eaten and cleared away, Ms. Chevron returns. She leads you through the steel corridors of Inquisitor Debaine’s private vessel and into a large air lock chamber. The air lock cycles and you are ushered through.

You find yourselves in a cramped and dirty freighter. The air is damp and poorly recycled, smelling of mold and human odors. Ms. Chevron leads you to the small bridge area where Etienne Corvette is waiting for you reclining in the pilot’s throne. She is dressed in a blaze orange pressure suit and her hair is in its customary raven wing swoop. She smiles at you all. Ms. Chevron excuses herself and leaves, the bridge portal swishing shut behind her.
“Welcome Team Rapier. I see there have been some additions… and subtractions to the team since last we met.” She jumps up from the command chair and begins to pace in the short captains walk, a elevated trestle which runs the length of the bridge over the control pits.

“I keep this short as time is of the essence. You are meeting with me as Inquisitor Debaine has been called away. He left the system two days ago, on a Black Templars battle barge, while you were all in the restorative clinic. The Inquisitor sends his apologies for not meeting with you. He especially wanted to speak with you Tech Priest Lucius.”

Etienne stops pacing and taps a few keys on the captain’s console. A holographic star map appears suspended in the center of the chamber and moves as she touches various controls.

“Using the information extracted from the mechanicus facility and its cogitators, we have been able to locate the last known where about of the Gholious Fang, the pirate vessel which has been at the center of this tech heresy from the beginning. We must act fast as our warp augurs tell us the ship has left warp near a remote system in the Vurgues Dust Cloud. The system originally had three planets, all uninhabitable rocks with a collection of equally uninhabitable moons. That is until highly accessible deposits of Serriex Ore, a main component of Titan architecture was discovered on the third planets largest moon, GHIIISXII or Rodan. Rodan was never terraformed and has a highly toxic atmosphere. The planet is heavily developed and supports a large mining infrastructure, which is now defunct. We believe this to be the base of operations of the hereteks producing the corrupted servitors you are now quite familiar with."

Etienne looks down at you, her smile is gone.

“This will be your ship. It is all we have available at short notice. It is a pirate smuggler ship we intercepted entering the system four days ago. It has been purge and the Tech Priests have blessed its systems. This vessel and a skeleton crew will transport Team Rapier to Rodan. You will proceed as duty indicates from that point. The servitors are loading your weapons and equipment now. The crew will board in an hour and the vessel will take to the warp in two hours. I suggest you use that time to acquaint yourselves with this vessel and prepare for the coming mission.”

Etienne steps down from the throne dais and walks to the bridge portal, “May the Emperor protect you and guide you. “ She says and exits the chamber.

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