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Re: Characters

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 9:01 am
by guardsman001
29...the two diddnt work there...sry for any confusion

Re: Characters

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 1:47 pm
by Wayne S
Lucious Background:

lucious brokenheart was on an assignment with his master high mangos aquarion on rt of a rumored stc...this was too much to resist for the mangos so he rounded up his retenue of trusted tech priests allong with an army of skittari for protection lest he face any local resistance. during transit to the world a message was receaved for the high mangos from Inquisitor Lucius Montalius DeBaine whos help had secure the mechanicus under high tech priest aquarion a casche of ancient tech and the possibility of this new stc that would be able to create power armor...once again would the emperors enemies face the rath of new mark IV armor and the mechanicus be able to deliver such a gift to the angels of death. high mangos awuarion has researched throughly into the construction of power armor and has tought his deciples his findings. close has he come to creating power armor but to no avail...some in the mechanicus would concider this techno herrisy for all machines are perfect creations of the ommasiah. but his findings have helped the mechanicus in his sector so his dabbelings have been overlooked...upon reading this message to repay this debt he sent one of his trusted technographagers lucious brokenheart. brokenheart has studied under high mangos aquarion for many a year learning the mangos' trade and has addoped the mangos' acceptance for creativity and experminatation... lucious brokenheart was to assist the inquisitor oand his retenue with the machines of the immortal ommasiah...all praise be to the ommasiah

Re: Characters

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2009 1:02 pm
by guardsman001
hi all its lucious brokenheart now i figured we should all get aquainted sence we will all be fighting the ommasiah's enemies who have committed techno heresy... my background was posted lets c wat you guys got

Re: Characters

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:34 am
by ImperialServant
Lazerus Zuriel:

Lazerus was born in Vaxanhive on the planet of Vaxonide in the Malfian sub-sector. He was inducted into the Adeptus Arbites at the age of thirteen following the brutal murder of his parents by hive gangers. He learned all the required skills for making a good arbitrator by the age of twenty and it was at this point that he was given the rank of trooper and he donned the jet black uniform of the Arbites for the first time. His height of 1.8 meters and the scar that crossed his rugged features served him well as they allowed him to intimidate his foes. His immediate priority was to eliminate the gang that killed his parents and forever haunts his nightmares. It took him years of hard investigating to find the leaders of the gang. Over a period of weeks he methodically exterminated the gang starting with the boss and ending with the final member of the team that killed his parents. Once the local precinct had proof of his deed they took his antique autogun and gifted him with his current weapon, a ten gauge double-barreled over-under break action shotgun and a sword. With these weapons he fought crime in his home for several years until he was summoned to the spaceport by his superiors. There he was met by an interrogator and a shuttle that carried him to meet Inquisitor DeBaine. And thus was the start of his career with the Inquisition.


Stig was born on the Feral world of Fedrid in the Markayn Marches. Before he could crawl he was taught how to defend himself with a knife and by the time he could walk he had made his first kill. By the age of 10 he was an accomplished huntsman and was gifted with the scrawling tatoos that cover his entire body. It was about this time that the 149th Cadian Mobile Infantry visited his world on their way to the Gelmiro System. Stig was inducted into the Whiteshields and fought with valor in the campaigns in the Gelmiro System earning him a position as trooper. He learned how to survive on the field of battle and all of the invaluable skills that made him seem so valuable to the 149th. He grew to his full height of 1.85 meters and his muscles became even more toned than they were on his homeworld. Eventually the 149th recieved a message from Inquisitor DeBaine asking for their most experienced trooper that was expendable. Stig fit the bill beautifully and eventually he was on his way to meet his Inquisitor wearing the street clothes that replaced his official uniform.

Re: Characters

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 2:40 pm
by guardsman001
kick ass...now lets keep this back story stuff goin...

Re: Characters

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:42 pm
by Wayne S
Aessak “Grox Chops” Hurgis - Background

Aessak “Grox Chops” Hurgis was born into darkness and filth. The seventh child of the twelve that lived, he scrapped like a rut rat for food and shelter in the flickering ever-night of an underhive sump town. As a semi-feral child, Aessak roamed the underhives twisted burrows and hidden waste grottos. Along with his brothers and sisters, he hunted for skranks and gutter bugs, mold crabs and fetal ghoy to devour. On his tenth birthday, his father, a brutal part time ganger and grid jack, indentured Aessak to the local butcher man to pay off his debts. Aessak spent five years hacking the degenerate underhive grox into saleable slabs, grinding up the meat mans more questionable product and swabbing blood and feces from the floor and walls of the slaughter pits. His daily drudgery was broken one day as the sump town went crazy. Explosions ripped through the scrap shanties and poisonous mud and severed limbs fell from the sky. A crimson chimera APC smashed through the side of the bar across the street as people fled in all directions screaming. The doors of the APC opened and a striking figure emerged. Inquisitor Debaine stood looking down at Aessak, the tips of his twisted mustachio glowed in the blue light of his crackling power sword, the metallic plumes of his hat bobbed in the shifting drafts of the flames and his silver studded leather cloak blew out behind him like sinister black wings.

“Boy! Come here!” Debaine commanded. Aessaks mind felt cold fist wrap around it and he obeyed. “Do you know a place called Soil Town? Do you know the gang called the Hungry Men?” Aessak felt the cold fist in his mind tighten.

“Yes.” He heard himself reply. Inquisitor Debaine stared down at him with eyes sharp like broken glass.

“Yes, yes you do.” The Inquisitor smiled. “Come aboard, Aessak!” The Inquistor commanded and they both climbed into the chimera.

Aessak acted as a guide for the Inquisitors man hunt for two weeks as the spiraled deeper and deeper into the dark bowels of the underhive. When Debaine finally confronted and captured his quarry, a particularly nasty rogue archivist, he took Aessak with him when he returned to the surface. A s a reward for services rendered he left the boy with some of his agents, to be cleaned up and inducted into his operations staff as a reward. Aessak soon found himself on another world, uphive, and delivering unmarked packages by pedcycle for the Imperial Inquistion.

Re: Characters

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:29 pm
by Wayne S
Litilia Mallia - Background

Litilia Mallia is a dutiful servant of the empire. Her family has served as adepts on the orbiting Administratum Gnosis Templum for over four centuries. She received her first calling to duty at the age of eight, working in the scriptorium as a spool annointer. She still carries that first tiny oil can on her belt as a reminder to humility in the face of the Emperors grace. Serving as an junior archivist until the age of 25, when she was promoted to archivist senior and moved to the data catacombs of the Administratum Gnosis Templum complex. Litilia happily continued her service maintaining files and categorizing documents in the dim biolight of that cyclopean labyrinth for another 20 years oblivious to the wonders of the outside worlds and concerned only with her duty to the Imperiums data, its organization and preservation. One night as she was making her calculated rounds of the cogitator stacks on level 17, she turned a corner and came face to face with a heavily armed team of masked agents destroying and altering the holy files. She ran to sound the alarm. The agents gave chase and fired countless rounds from their autoguns at her as she fled. Litilia was wounded no less than 7 times, three of which were in the face and head. Even so, she managed to reach the main corridor and pull the fire hazard activation switch which automatically sealed the data chamber and quickly removed all the air. Litilia was rescued by her colleagues and was treated for her wounds in the Templums nearby Munitorium Aid Station. As she lay near death on her thin cot, Inquistor Debaine and a group of advanced agents came to call on her. Debaine ordered her moved to his private hospice on board his personal vessel, where for six months she received the finest in medical care, rejuvenant treatments and restorative care. In a later debriefing with the Inquistors staff she learned, the agents she had dispatched in the cogitator stacks, belonged to a rogue inquisitor who was working towards a massive uprising and civil war in several systems. Her actions alone had if not thwarted all the enemies well laid plans, had at least set them back a decade of hard work and deceit. The day Litilia left the hospice she was fully recovered with the appearance of a woman half her age. She was inducted into Debaines staff and given a new assignment within the Administratum, this time planetside, where she has been happy and dutifully working for the last ten years. Since her first encounters with the Inquisition, Litilias curiosity for knowledge of the peoples and places of the galaxy around her has grown and she spends her minimal non-work hours studying the Imperium and all its bounteous glories.

Re: Characters

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:13 am
by UrbanSprawler
Hello I am new to the site. Guardsmen 001 introduced me I will post my character sheet but I want to know which career could be of most use. Assassin looks fun , but I really want a career which also can benefit the rest of the group. Any suggestions?

Re: Characters

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:09 am
by Wayne S
The group is made up of a Tech Priest, Arbiter, Guardsmen, 2 Psykers, a scum, and an Adept. I think it's a well rounded team. You can make whatever you would like to play the most. Since this isn't a normal game of DH, being a play by post and such, the role playing aspect is the greatest concern. So who ever you make, make them interesting with lots of character.

Re: Characters

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 12:22 am
by Hattorifaith
<<Urban, try OOC>>

WS: 34
BS: 30
S: 32
T: 31
Ag: 28
Int: 28
Per: 31
WP: 27
Fel: 31
Wounds: 10
Fate Points: 2
Insanity Points: 0
Corruption Points: 0
Thrones: 80
Name: Roth
Homeworld: Imperial World
Career: Guardsman
Rank: Conscript
Gender: Male
Build: Well-built
Skin Color: Tan
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Age: 25
Quirk: You are missing a digit.
Planet of Birth: Agri-world
Divination: The pain of a bullet is ecstasy compared to damnation.
Starting XP: 400
Starting Package: None
Handedness: Right Handed (left has no pinky)

Blessed Ignorance,
Litugical Familiarity,
Superior Origins

Basic Skills:
Common Lore (Imperial Creed) (Int) (Hagi.),
Common Lore (Imperium) (Int) (Hagi.),
Common Lore (War) (Int) (Hagi.), Literacy (Int) (Lit. Fam.),
Speak Language (High Gothic) (Int) (Lit. Fam.)

Advanced Skills:
Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int),
Drive (Ground Vehicle) (Ag)

Melee Weapons Training (Primitive),
Basic Weapons Training (Las), P
istol Training (Las),
Basic Weapons Training (Primitive)

lasgun and 1 charge pack,
guard flak armour,
1 week corpse starch rations,
las pistol and 1 charge pack,
shotgun and 12 shells,
uniform (Common Quality Clothing),
Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer,
book of inspiring words (memento),
dented belt buckle (memento)

Special Qualities: None

Family: Your mother's name is Tzarine. She walks the path of the Arbitrator. Your father's name is Fral. He walks the path of the Guardsman. You are an only child.