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Goblin Mini Mart • DH RPG - Fine Temperance(1) + Ferrox Underhive Arc (2)
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DH RPG - Fine Temperance(1) + Ferrox Underhive Arc (2)

Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2009 8:58 am
by Wayne S
Segmentum: Obscurus

Sector: Calixis

Planet: Askelphion Secundus

A sprawling manor house, in finely finished dark woods and pale stuccos, sits on a low hill over looking a broad and shining river. Lush lawns and gardens flow out from the house tapering to a white pebble shore at the river and a large dark forest of old growth Yethel to the north. Behind the main house is a small compound of buildings, done in a simplified version of the manors wood and stucco styling. The estate is known locally as Te Aques ege Aborante, “Where the water meets the forest.” Located in a private section of the Imperial preserve, it can only be reached by flyer, and a small landing pad is within the rear compound.

Over the last week, each of you has arrived here, from your previous assignments, following personal summons you’ve received bearing the mark of Inquisitor Lucius Montalius DeBaine. You’ve sworn your life to him and the Imperial Inquisition. You each know Inquisitor DeBaine through greatly varied events and circumstance, but you all share the fact, he is your master.

You’ve all been met by the staff here at Te Aques ege Aborante as you stepped of the flyer from Jasonesse Tet, the main city and space port on the far side of the planet. Each of you has been garrisoned in the rear compound of the estate. You each have a simple monastic cell as your quarters and have been assigned simple duties and busy work while you’ve waited for instructions. The main house has been off limits and while you have glimpsed other acolytes and staff entering and exiting the sprawling manse, you’ve seen no sign of the Inquisitor. He may be in residence, he may not, and all your questions in this matter have been left unanswered. The rear compound contains the barracks where you lodge, a small cafeteria, a laundry, a stable with a few lithe racing Slouthes, a large garage with various flyers and surprisingly, since there are no roads here, ground vehicles. Several of the other buildings in the compound are off limits to you and you suspect they must be an armory (considering the meter thick walls) and perhaps a communications center (the antenna arrays, give it away).

You are all in great suspense as this is the first time any of you have been summoned since your first encounter with Inquisitor DeBaine and the swearing of your oath. Your previous appointments left much to be desired.

Lazerus Zuriel had been left at his original arbiter post as a sleeper agent, with nothing more than a handshake and a vague promise that a call might come one day.

Aessak Hurgis was employed by the Inquisitor delivering unmarked parcels by pedcycle, between his agents in Hive Sibellus on Scintilla.

Stig… poor Stig, had spent the last 18 months guarding a huge black barn on the argi-world of Bront. The barn was locked and Stig never did find out what was inside.

Kron had been placed in a moldering apartment stack in Hive Gol Ghun on Merov. His task was recording the licentious rendezvous’ of a certain high level official.

Sila was left to here old life, but was given a remote control with a large red button. She was told when she received the prearranged signal to press the button. They took the button away when she received her summons to Te Aques ege Aborante.

Litilia Mallia has been down in the moldering dank of a 301 level labyrinthine data store beneath the basement of the Imperial Records and Archives building, mid level, Hive Burden on Vaxanide, for 10 years, and loved every day of it.

The languid yellow-orange sun slips away behind the dark line of the Yethel woods and a flock of sleek silver Jubu birds reel over the slow river waters searching for prey, you stand on the pale stones of the cafeteria court yard, still warm from the heat of the day and listen as the insects of the night take up their songs. Your future is a blank data slate. You all have been summoned and you have all arrived. Now you await the convenience of the Inquisitor.

Re: DH RPG - GM/Story Thread.

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:24 pm
by Wayne S
Early the next morning as you are all eating breakfast in the cafeteria, a tall, sharp faced woman in burgundy robes, trimmed in black velvet, and embroidered in gold with the stylized I, symbol of the inquisition, enters the room. Her black hair is cut short on the sides but swept up in the back and looks like a pair of raven wings. She gives each of you a once over with her bright green eyes as she reads your names from a data slate. “You will all come with me now,” she says, then turns and walks out into the cool morning air. You all rise quickly and follow her. She walks across the stone paved courtyard, the low fog swirling at her heels and enters another small building, leaving the door open behind her.

You enter the building just in time to see the woman descend a flight of stone steps as you follow her down, you hear the door you entered from close and lock. The steps lead into a gray rockrete tunnel, surprising in it’s harshness compared to the pale tans of the above ground complex. Various doors open out from the tunnel walls and the woman stands near an open one and gestures you all inside. Once you have all entered she follows you in and closes the door. The room is sparsely furnished with ten metal chairs and a long table at one side. The table holds a few data slates, a sheaf of papers, seven small leather bound and brass clasped cases, and a large metal reinforced crate marked with the brand of the Mechanicus cult, purity seals hang from its latches.

“Please be seated,” says the woman as she walks to the table and positions herself in front of it arms folded over her chest. “I am Etienne Corvette, consul to Inquisitor Debaine. The Inquisitor has chosen you to be bonded as a new cell in his operations staff and to begin service immediately.”
She picks up a data slate from the table and begins to read through a list of your names and brief synopsis’ of your training and skills. She asks that each of you stand as you are introduced to your new fellowship.

Lazerus Zuriel – Arbiter
Aessak Hurgis – Messenger
Armsman Stig – Guardsman
Kron – Sanctioned Psyker
Sila - Sanctioned Psyker
Litilia Mallia – Adept
Lucious Brokenheart - Tech Priest

Etienne has you all stand and making the sign of the Aquila, repeat the Imperial oath of loyalty.

“You are now a bonded cell. You will now be know to us collectively as Team Rapier one of a multitude of cells serving in Inquisitor Debaine’s operations staff. Welcome. May the Emperor guide you.” Etienne retrieves a second data slate from the table behind her. “Now Team Rapier, your full attention as I brief you of your mission.”

“One week ago under deep cover, another cell of the Inquisitors agents, Team Saber, was tracking a particularly bloody handed witch. The witch, had brokered passage with a band of void pirates know as the ‘Black Blood Jacks’ and was heading for the frontier worlds of the Halo Stars. Team Saber ambushed the pirates as they docked to resupply at the asteroid space port of Eis Mosely, a veritable serpents den of outlaws, villains and renegades. Team Saber boarded the pirates sprint class galleon, the Gholious Fang, and moved to apprehend the witch, they were in turn set upon by several groups of gun servitors of unknown make and model. Team Saber is an advanced cell and not easily overcome, but the servitors were reported to be of a heretical design of excessive power and artifice. Only one of the twelve member team survived the encounter and made his escape. The pirates and their witch passenger immediately left port with great haste, stranding a few of their debauched crew within the asteroid port. Inquisitorial forces tracked the Gholious Fang through a beacon imbedded in the body of Saber teams Tech Priest. The Black Blood Jacks delivered their vile passenger to her chosen destination on the planet of Faldon Kise. Inquisitor Debaine’s Team Falchion, another advanced cell has been dispatched to pick up the witches trail there. The Gholious Fang, made speed away from the planet and their trail was lost in the Malfian subsector when the pirates jettisoned the Tech priests remains into the void.

Justinian Paux, the sole surviving member of team Saber, set about capturing the marooned Black Blood Jacks on Eis Mosely. Two of the three were killed in his raid on the pleasure house they were engaged at. The third pirate, a treacherous killer, known as Cilias Manque, among other less savory names, was taken into custody and turned over to the local Arbiters of Hive Ferrox, for intermediate detention, when Agent Paux arrived there and was taken into medical care for his severe wounds and severed limb.

Team Rapier you have been tasked with investigation of the tech-heresy of these servitors. Your first task is to travel to Hive Ferrox on Junos, and question the captive pirate scum Cilias Manque.”
Etienne Corvette drops the data slate onto the table. She turns and begins to open the imperial seals on the metal banded mechanicus crate.

“Your equipment and personal effects have already been loaded onto the shuttle. We have arranged passage for you, to Ferrox Hive, Juno, on board a local merchant ship, The Fine Temperance, which will be holding orbit over the planet today to receive you. Your task will be the keep of this.” She lifts a finely crafted servo skull from the box, makes a few adjustments to its brass instruments. The delicate eye lens of the skull flash green and it hovers, softly buzzing, above her head. This holy machine will be our link to you, use it well. She waves her hand and the buzzing skull chatters its tiny gears and moves towards you group. It touches each of your faces with a tiny green scanning beam and then retires to hover almost motionlessly over the shoulder of Stig.

Etienne fixes you all with a hard look of her bright green eyes. She hands each of you one of the small leather bound, brass latched cases. Opening them carefully, you find inside your Inquisitorial rosettes, small and undecorated, as your status permits, but carrying the might of the whole of Mans Imperium.
“Team Rapier, you carry the authority of Inquisitor Debaine and the Holy Ordos of the Imperial Inquistion with you at all times. Great responsibility is the mantle of those chosen to wield this holy authority. I need not remind you, our greatest weapon is subtly. It is a far simpler task to catch the prey which does not know it is hunted.” As she finishes, Etienne Corvette smiles, and you all feel a disturbing chill on your necks and a cold fist around your hearts.
“Come, we move to the shuttle.” She says and leaves the room.

Re: DH RPG - GM/Story Thread.

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2009 3:40 pm
by Wayne S
Ten minutes later you are all strapped into the shuttle with your bones rattling and your eyes bulging as you thunder through the upper atmosphere, tearing free of the planets gravity. Abruptly the roaring ceases replaced only by the quiet hissing and ticking of the shuttle hull as it cools in the frigid void of interplanetary space. You feel weightlessness in your limbs for a few moments until the pilot servitor fires the maneuvering jets and begins docking procedure.

Forty five minutes after that you are all standing on the perforated steel decking of the #2 shuttle bay on board The Fine Temperance. The vessels master, Merchant Captain Gerrick Deagen Von Obereon welcome you aboard. He checks his manifest and refers to Litilia as Her Honor and addresses the rest of you as her entourage. His first mate Hasbro Tomy, shows you to your modest quarters (a step up in comfortable furnishing and a step down in cleanliness from your previous rooms at the manse) on the passenger deck. You find all your personal effects in your cabins, but your weapons must be in an armaments store someplace on the cargo deck.

One hour after that as you all congregate in the passenger lounge, a small dim chamber decorated with fine furnishings gone thread bare and gray with time and misuse, you feel the ship begin to throb with a deep humming and you know the massive columnar drives are pushing you out of orbit and away from the system.

Re: DH RPG - GM/Story Thread.

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2009 3:56 pm
by Wayne S
The Passengers Lounge:

The lounge is a small dim chamber 5m x 8m. The walls and floor are tiled in smudged wood grain plastic tile which may have once been imitation Moak wood. The lay out is haphazard, with most of the floor space taken by once eloquent couches and chaise, which have seen better days, their embroidered finery gone gray and worn. There are a few chipped gaming tables and a modest wet bar and side board. A broad view screen trimmed in brass is embedded in one of the short walls and the other bears the portal to the passenger compartments. Several paintings of space faring vessels plying the void hang on the walls as decoration, each with a gilded frame and small plaque bearing its title. Two other doors exit the room, one in each long wall. They appear to be locked.

Aessak paces around the lounge, staring at the paintings.

"This is right fine. Right fine ditch, this."

He flops down onto one of the couches and lights up a hand rolled smoke.

"Right fine."


lucious paces around the lounge and looks at the paintings

"fine paintings we have here an emperor class star destroyer with the empressive nova cannon...aah how that fine piece of naval tech has brought the enemies of the emperor to there knees..."

after talking aout the paintings he sit down on a chair and wait

Litilia frowns at Aessak.

"Aren't those illegal?" She asks.

She sits down at a gaming table a opens a large folio chained to her belt. She pulls open a scroll case on her sash and removes a few sheafs of parchment. Litilia shuffles the documents around and then spreads them on the table before her. She extracts a tiny brass compass and slide rule from a leather pouch at her hip and begins to work on the charts.

After a few moments she looks up.

"Askelphion Secundus to Juno. Thirteen days travel. Seven warp bound." She goes back to her calculations.


Lazerus finds a space in the corner of the room and removes a ten gauge double-barreled over-under shotgun from the holster on his back underneath the black cloak of his uniform. He opens the action and checks the load, an Inferno shell in the lower barrel, a regular shell in the upper one. With this completed he replaces his shotgun and removes an ornate silver flask from a pocket on his belt. He opens it and takes a small drink as he scans the room taking the measure of the other acolytes.

While this happens Stig places himself in the opposite corner and unslings his lasgun to check the charge, it is full. This familiar ritual complete he begins to glare at everyone in the room in turn as if examining them for any hint of future betrayal.


Aessak flicks some ash on the floor.

"Not where I come from, Siz." He sneers. "Since your da big 'ead of this operation, you gonna be doin' da squeezin' on da pirate lad? Or are we gonna let knuckles and smiley over there do it the 'ard way?"


Litilia looks up from her charts and frowns at her two gun fondling team mates.

"You know, those firearms are supposed to be secured in the ships arms locker. I don't think the Merchant Captain Gerrick Deagen Von Obereon would be none to happy to see his passengers out gunning his crewmen." She ends with a snort.

She packs up her charts and cartography tools and walks over to stand in front of the lounging Aessak.

"Yes boy, I will be participating in the interrogation of the heretic, as will we all as we are a bonded cell now and all just fingers of the same hand, and together we form the fist of the God-Emperor."

"Now give me one of those smokes."


lucious: he stands up from his chair and walks twards stig... once lucious is in front of stig lucious says

"my dear fellow i noticed that you had not said the correct prayers to the machine spirit i shall incant the proper prayers of reloading for you...*says the prayers*...there you go my friend now let you spit death to your enemies... he has been appeased Stig was it"

Re: DH RPG - GM/Story Thread.

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:37 pm
by Wayne S
The Fine Temperance makes it way through the void. You pass the time in idle solitude. Your meals are served by the galley staff, which enter from one of the side doors in the decrepit lounge and you each keep to yourselves sleeping and eating with little conversation and less camaraderie.

On the third day, the Captains voice comes from speakers in the ceiling of your cabins and lounge announcing translation to the immaterium. A few moments later you hear a faint shrieking and unnatural tearing sound from beyond the ships hull. The super structure of the ship vibrates and groans and then everything goes still and quiet once more. The Psykers in the group can feel the seething of the warp all around the ship. The galley staff, two young gentlemen in gray smocks and white aprons, arrives with lunch, steamed Bo-crab in a Swerd cream reduction, seared gaffe greens, Keples bread, and assorted fruits. They set out your spread and begin to pour the drinks when a loud tapping begins somewhere off beyond the bulk head. The servers look around nervously as they finish with the beverages. The tapping turns to a metallic screeching, the walls begin to vibrate and the light flickers.

BANG! The lights go out completely. You are surrounded by pitch darkness. The only sound is your breathing and a wavering hiss coming from beyond the walls.

Re: DH RPG - Game Play Thread.

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:24 am
by guardsman001
i pull out my illuminator and ask the stewert where the armory is when she tells me... i head for the armory...

"you guys comming to the armory or are you gonna finish your meal... bloody meatbags"

Re: DH RPG - Game Play Thread.

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:33 pm
by ImperialServant
"Lead on cogboy" replies Lazerus as he removes his shotgun from it's hidden holster. Stig silently picks up his lasgun and affixes its bayonet while standing next to Lazerus at the hatch.

Re: DH RPG - Game Play Thread.

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 1:29 pm
by guardsman001
if we see a servator o the way ill use my bianary to communicate to him to lead us to the armory

Re: DH RPG - Game Play Thread.

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 6:40 pm
by ImperialServant
"Very well, let's just get on with it." Replies Lazerus impatiently.

Re: DH RPG - Game Play Thread.

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:48 pm
by Wayne S
Suddenly there is a crashing sound from the galley and a horrible piercing scream which is abruptly cut off.

Lucious flicks on his glow lamp. The room brightens, revealing everyone standing by their chairs looking anxious. Stig and Lazerius have their guns out and Aessak is clutching a large meat fork. The Stewards have their backs to you and are looking towards the galley access door which is now open. Deep swaying shadows fill the corners of the room and pool in the open doorway.

There is a loud series of booms which seem to come from all directions at once.

Lucious grabs the nearest server and spins him around to face him, “Boy, which way to the armory?”

The wide eyed young man points towards the door on the other side of the room, “Sir, the armory is…GURRRK!” Blood bubbles from his mouth and he clutches at the massive twisted and boney knife like spike sticking from his chest. The second server glares at you with solid black eyes, his face swollen and spider webbed with thick blue veins. His left arm is long and mutated, impaling his companion. He opens his mouth and a loud screeching moan issues forth, seeming to echo even in the small lounge.