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Goblin Mini Mart • DH RPG - Fine Temperance(1) + Ferrox Underhive Arc (2) - Page 43
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Re: DH RPG - Game Play Thread.

Posted: Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:58 pm
by Wayne S
Smoke is still billowing from the ravine as the party approaches the valkyrie. Inquisitor Debaine stands regally in the center of the ramp. He is dressed for combat action in heavily ornamented body armor, black enameled plates with gold inlays over a high end fiber mesh body glove. He is tall and svelte. His head is shaved bald, but for his trademark black twisting mustache. We wears a heavy black cape, a exotic looking powersword sheathed at his waist and a master crafted bolt pistol holstered low on his hip. He is smiling showing perfect white teeth.

He is flanked by Etienne Corvette, she is also dressed for combat in her crimson armored body glove. Her raven wing hair tucked under a tight fitting cap and self contained vox set. Her brows are furrowed and she looks disturbed.

Beside her stands someone you had never expected to see again. Kron hisses through his teeth as he recognizes Latilia Mallia. Your team mate. She is fresh face and clean, wearing a new armored body glove, which accents her pleasing figure, formerly obscured by her voluminous adepts robes. She appears happy to she you. A look of relief and concern crosses over her face as the group steps into the landing lights of the valkyrie.

The two others standing behind Debaine on the ramp are all dressed for a fight, each wearing their own personalized armor and weapons. They are hard looking souls. The first is a tall, pale skinned Imperial priest. His face is very young but carries an empty souless look. The second, is shorter but heavier, with an impressive muscle mass, tucked into a matte black body glove and flak jacket. He shares the same black hair, pale skin and youthful features as the priest, but he carries himself in the efficient calculated way of an Imperial Assassin. You can easily pick them out as other operatives in Debaines little slice of the Inquisition.

Inquisitor Debaine steps down from the ramp as you approach. The other operatives, including Etienne, subtly move their hands to their weapons.

"Ah team Rapier, you return bloodied but victorious. Salute." Debaine smiles at you and gestures with his hand.

Lazerus steps forward and identifies himself. He begins to give his report when Debaine steps forward and puts a hand on his shoulder.

"Not here. This journey has been long for you all. We will retire to my safe haven and you will be debriefed there as well as rested and restored. Some of you more than others." He points behind you and you turn to see Marx and Vacther dragging a maimed and mangled Lucius Brokenheart up the shale hillside.

"You have done well. I am pleased with your service. Climb aboard." Says Debaine as he turns away and enters the gunship.

You all board the valkyrie. The last thing you see before the ramp closes and you are whisked away is the group of shackled and hooded heretics you tracked for almost 36 hours through the wilds of the Ferrox underhive being loaded into another of the ships.

Re: DH RPG - Game Play Thread.

Posted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:31 pm
by Wayne S
The next few days are a blur of activity. You are flown from the battle site to a private medicae facility high in the Hive spire, where you are each check over by skilled professionals. You are cleaned, your wounds treated and you receive fresh garments. Lucius' arms are bandaged and he is administered pain relief. Stig's head is sewn up and bandaged heavily. You see Latillia watching from behind plate glass. But she never speaks to any of you and disappears before you have a chance to approach her. Soon you are reunited as a group and herded towards the exit by Etienne Corvette. You see Marx and Vachter in the lobby as you are leaving. You shake hands and bid each other long life and the grace of the Emperor.

As the sun begins to rise over the jagged hive scape, you are taken by aerocar to a secret Inquisition installation hidden within hive Ferrox. It is massive and dark and cold and leaves you all with a bit of fear in your hearts. Inquisitor Debaine interviews each of you separately and you each tell your tale of the mission. He seems satisfied and congratulates each of you on your success and compliments you on your skills. You are soon gathered together again and transferred in a hulking APC with a unknown driver, back to the safe house to await further instructions.

The air is damp with a drizzle of dome condensate when you arrive at the safe house. YOu grab your sealed bags, full of you heavily soiled garments and worn weapons and equipment, from the back of the aero car. Inside you find the two agents from the Valkyrie ramp are also in residence there. The priest is seated in the great room, flipping through a cheap ecclesiarchy tract. The Assassin is in the culinarium stirring something nasty looking on the heat element. They both look up as your team shuffles in from the street.

Lucius still has no hands and Sila has been designated as his nurse. Inside your sealed bags, you (who were on the last mission) will each find packages containing credit chips worth 10000 crowns. You have time to recuperate and reequip. You may purchase any common equipment from shops in the hive. Black market and rare items may also be sought out, but finding what you want will be difficult. Military grade weapons and such can be requested from the Arbiters or your Inquisition contacts.

1250 xps
5 Insanity
1 Corruption

1250 xps
9 Insanity
5 Corruption

1250 xps
5 Insanity
3 Corruption

1500 xps
17 Insanity
16 Corruption

7 Insanity
5 Corruption

Re: DH RPG - Game Play Thread.

Posted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 9:00 pm
by guardsman001
Father will continue to read through the pamphlets, mumbling "these all incite feeling... there must be better"

soon after flipping through the last of the pages, he will go out to the marketplace to acquire the necessary materials for certain medications
Lucious will head to the mechanicus temple located in the upper spire to acquire the necessary upgrades to his weak fleshy body, soon Lucious will have Bionic arms/ hands, and manipulator mechandrites to aid him in his studies

Lucious will stay inside the safehouse and recover

Re: DH RPG - Game Play Thread.

Posted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 11:16 pm
by john crition
The Assassin eyes the group, sizing them up, judging their strengths and weaknesses to the best of his ability, before returning to his work.

His own appearance is quite animalistic. Black hair falls to his shoulders in a wild, untamed mess with a short beard to match. His muscular frame seems to slouch naturally, making himself look shorter than he truly is. All-in-all he seems restless, as if fighting is the only thing that he that he knows, and feels comfortable with.

Re: DH RPG - Game Play Thread.

Posted: Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:53 pm
by ImperialServant
Lazerus and Stig head to their bunks and dump their kit bags on the floor. Stig flops down on the rack, still in his clothes, and starts snoring after a short few minutes. Lazerus grabs a dataslate/notepad that is lying around and starts making a shopping list of things he needs to buy. Partway through the process of making the list and idea comes to him. Lazerus heads to the common room and addresses the rest of the members. "I'm making a list of supplies that we are going to need. If anyone has anything they need just write it down and i'll get it all at once." Lazerus says. Lazerus will continue to work on his list while waiting for the others.

Re: DH RPG - Game Play Thread.

Posted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 4:50 pm
by johngoblin
Sila will follow Lucious around the market, helping him to carry his equipment and also attempting to assist him in any manner necessary during his repairs. She will purchase herself something very very comfortable and expensive to wear, perhaps a charm or two to help ward off any of the residual warp effects. If in the instance she finds the chance, she will sit and only stare, and it will be anything but an ordinary dream and boredom stare. It will be a stare that inadequately masks the vehemence and lunacy that her everyday existence has begun to bellow hollowly in her head. She will be aware that its glaring. She will be in-shadowed. She.

Re: DH RPG - Fine Temperance + Ferrox Underhive Arc

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:02 pm
by johngoblin
Sila will find a practitioner in the market who will tattoo her extremities black in their entirety, underneath the black will be tattooed protective runes. She will buy light armor that completely covers her new art.