Neu Swabian League Reinforcements (FINALLY!)

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Neu Swabian League Reinforcements (FINALLY!)

Post by Katzbalger » Mon Jun 16, 2014 8:55 pm

During last year’s Historicon, I picked up a box of 25mm science fiction figures—mostly GZG Neu Swabian League (NSL) troopers.

First, I want to start off by saying that I really love Ground Zero Games’ 25mm sculpts. They look futuristic sci-fi, not fantasy sci-fi, and have pretty good proportions. The females are even sometimes a little bit less hefty than the males. One might think that the sculptor actually looked at people when working.

With all the catch-up painting I’ve been able to do this last month, and with 2014’s Historicon approaching, I decided to attack the NSL troopers so that they’re paint job at least sort of matched the NSL Power Armor squad I had painted up in the mid-90s (yes, that’s almost 20 years ago). No, I'm not going to use them in the game I'm running on Sunday, but the figures were in the same box as figures I am planning on using, hence why they got a little attention.

I was going for a sort of flektarn look—and I think it came out okay. I did not give the figures a dark brown wash (which is my usual finishing-off move) since the original figures I had didn’t have it (I didn’t use a wash technique back then, going with cleaner looking figures). The new figures are a little brighter (I ended up not matching the colors as closely as I’d hoped), but I like the contrast of the more subdued PA troopers compared to the brighter colors of their combat-armored brethren.

Anyway, pictures are included for your viewing pleasure (or horror).
The finished platoon--figs on the far left are the original powered armor troopers from 20 years ago!
Figs in the foreground are as I purchased them--a strong green; figs in the background are the first steps in re-doing the figs, getting an overall coat of a light olive drab/green.

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