Gothic SciFi Conversions Complete

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Gothic SciFi Conversions Complete

Post by Katzbalger » Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:37 pm

Okay, I think I've gone a little overboard--but here are the conversions and stuff I've done so far (all in 28mm, of course).

I've already used some of these vehicles for a quick scenario at the Hungary Creek Middle School's gaming club, and the kids seemed to have fun with them.

And more are under construction (or conversion) as well--as a human auxiliary force for the Tau (using Dust Tactics IS-48, British Challengers, and some toy trucks).

And I couldn't resist putting a story with the photos, so...

Outlying settlements on the planet Dunncria have gone silent and a Xenos incursion is suspected, so an armored task force is assembled and sent to investigate. The task force is divided into three columns: on the right flank is a newly raised Dunncrian Imperial Guard force, consisting of a recon platoon from the Imperial Scorpions with mortar support and heavy armor from the Red Gryphons; the center column is led by Sentinels of the veteran 127th Cadian Armoured Regiment (Emperor's Gryphons--the sponsoring Imperial regiment of the Dunncrian Red Gryphons); and the left column is made up of the Black Steeds, a Dunncrian planetary militia unit which is slated for eventual conversion into an Imperial Guard unit.

Unfortunately, the columns have not deployed their scouts correctly and have rolled into an ambush set by marauding Orks! How costly will this lesson be to the Imperial forces on Dunncria? Only time will tell.

The three columns moving to investigate (and repulse) a possible Xenos attack
The head of the right column--the Imperial Scorpions (these are Airfix 1/48 modern vehicles, with some mods)
The main fighting strength of the right column
Rearguard of the right column
The central column, from the 127th Cadian Armoured Regiment
The left column, from the 10th Dunncrian Armored Regiment (PDF)
Hey, what's that on the ridgeline? A mortarman from the Imperial Scorpions shouts a warning.
The Ork gun line--somebody is about to have a really bad day. And yes, the Orks are generally based upon early WW2 Germans.
View from the Ork positions overlooking the valley

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