Traveller & RuneQuest Hybrid Game

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Traveller & RuneQuest Hybrid Game

Post by Katzbalger » Wed Dec 28, 2011 11:03 pm

Okay, a few weeks ago I got this "brilliant" idea to take the character generation system (and sci fi setting) from classic Traveller and combine it with RuneQuest, since I really like the simplicity of the latter systems percentile approach to skills and tasks. This is the result--warning--it is a bit long! I call it...


This is an attempt to create a hybrid rule set for science fiction role playing utilizing the character generation system from Traveller (1st edition, w/Mercenary and High Guard) with the skills, combat resolution, and skill advancement system from RuneQuest (AH/Chaosium version). Unless stated otherwise, characteristics are rolled as per Traveller as is career advancement and skills. For skill use, combat, and skill advancement, use the rules from RuneQuest unless noted otherwise.

Traveller Character Statistics
Prepare the 6 standard Traveller characteristics (strength, dexterity, endurance, intelligence, education, and social standing) as per the Traveller rules, but add Hit Points, Damage Modifier, and Base Strike Rank.
Hit Points are (Str + End) X 3 / 4 (Note that hit points per location are determined based upon this figure as per the normal RuneQuest rules).
Damage Modifier is based upon Strength.
Str Modifier
1-5 -1d4
6-8 0
9-11 +1d4
12-14 +1d6
15 +2d6

Base (or Dex) Strike Rank is based upon Dexterity and no Size Strike Rank is used.
Dex Rank
1-5 4
6-8 3
9-11 2
12-15 1

Traveller Skills

Instead of using the skills from RuneQuest, the skills from Traveller are used instead. Each time a character receives a +1 to a skill in the character generation process, this becomes a +10% to the skill. Some skills are able to be used by all players (even those without having the specific skill) while others are only able to be used by someone with a skill level in that skill (or the Jack of All Trades skill). Skills that are available only to those trained (or those that have JoAT) are marked “Restricted.”

Some skills marked as restricted may be utilized as unrestricted skills, depending upon the tech level (or other background information) of the character. Others that are not marked restricted may be considered restricted, depending upon background. For instance, if a character grew up on a planet with non-habitable atmosphere, Vacc Suit would not be a restricted skill; if a character was from a low population but high tech level world, air/raft would be unrestricted; or a character was from a high population world with a low hydrosphere, so both wheeled vehicle and small watercraft could be restricted. Decisions with regard to these special exceptions must be agreed to by the game master.

Jack of All Trades is treated differently than other skills—a level of JoAT gives a +3% to any attempt to accomplish an unrestricted task that the character does not have a skill level in. Additional levels of JoAT add +5% for each level. Jack of All Trades also allows the character to try any restricted task with the base for that task (but no skill bonus). For restricted skills, additional levels of JoAT do not add to the chance for success.
Social Skills (base of 30 + Int and Social Standing scores, each Traveller skill level adds +10)
Small Manipulation Skills (base of 30 + Int and Dex, each Traveller skill level adds 10)
Battle Dress (Restricted)
Demolitions (Restricted)
Electronics (Restricted)
Forgery (Restricted)
Forward Observer (Restricted)
Pilot (Spaceship) (Restricted)
Air/Raft (Restricted)
ATV (Restricted)
Ship's Boat (Restricted)
Aircraft (All restricted)
Grav Vehicle (Restricted)
Tracked Vehicle (Restricted)
Wheeled Vehicle
Small Craft
Hovercraft (Restricted)
Submersible (Restricted)
Large Craft (Restricted)
Large Manipulation Skills (base of 30 + Int and ½ Dex and ½ Str, each Traveller skill level adds 10)
Combat Engineering (Restricted)
Gravitics (Restricted)
Mechanical (Restricted)
Intelligence Skills (base of 40 + Intelligence, each Traveller skill level adds +10)
Engineering (Restricted)
Fleet Tactics (Restricted)
Navigation (Restricted)
Ship Tactics (Restricted)
Tactics (Restricted)
Physical Skills (base of 30 + Str and Dex, each Traveller skill level adds 10)
Recon (Restricted)
Vacc Suit (Restricted)
Close Combat (base of 30 + Str and Dex, each Traveller skill level adds 10)
Blade Combat
Large Weapons (base of 30 + Int and ½ Str and ½ Dex, each Traveller skill level adds 10)
Field Artillery (FA) Gunnery (All restricted)
Mass Driver
Heavy Weapons (All restricted)
Light Assault Gun
Light Machine Gun
VRF Gauss Gun
Grenade Launcher
Missile Launcher
Small Arms (Base of 35 + Dex and ½ Str, each Traveller skill level adds 10)
Gun Combat (Book 1)
Body Pistol
Automatic Pistol
Automatic Rifle
Submachine Gun
Laser Carbine
Laser Rifle
Gun Combat (Book 4)
Combat Rifleman
Zero-G Weapons
Laser Weapons
High Energy Weapons (Restricted)
Auto Weapons
Remote Gunnery (base of 35 + Dex and ½ Int, each Traveller skill level adds 10)
Field Artillery (FA) Gunnery (All restricted)
High Energy Weapons
Meson Accelerator
Multiple Rocket Launcher (MRL)
Gunnery (All restricted)
Ship's Lasers
Ship's Energy Weapons
Ship's Particle Accelerators
Ship's Missiles
Meson Weapons

Since encumberance in RuneQuest is based upon kilograms and equipment weights in Traveller are given in metric units, no conversion is necessary.

Melee weapon statistics are covered by the standard weapon statistics contained in RuneQuest, with cutlasses counting as scimitars.
Firearms, lasers, and energy weapons are obviously not covered in RuneQuest. For those weapons, use the statistics in the following table, except:
SR is added to determine combat turn order and is only added to the character's SR for the first shot of the combat round.
STR/DEX is the Traveller Required Dexterity Level.
Base % is as per the skill rules above.
ENC is per weights listed in Traveller (for both weapon and ammunition).
AP for body pistols is 6, all other slug throwers 10, and for all energy weapons (including lasers) 8.
Rate of Fire for semiautomatic weapons is SR (meaning one shot at weapon SR + strike rank of character, next shot at SR of weapon + 2 x SR of character, and so on) except for PGMP and FGMP, which fire only once per round at modified SR, while for automatic weapons it is one burst per SR (again, one burst at weapon SR + strike rank of character, next burst at weapon SR+ 2 x SR of character, and so on). This fire can continue until all shots in the magazine/battery are used up, then it takes 5 SR to switch magazines/batteries.
Price is as per Traveller rules.
Weapon SR Damage Effect Max
Body Pistol 0 1d6 10 30
Automatic Pistol 0 2d8 20 50
Snub Gun 0 10 30
Gas Poison (if target not masked)
HE 3 x 1d6*
HEAP 3d6
Tranq 1d3 + Poison (only if penetrates armor)
Revolver 0 2d6 20 50
Submachine Gun 1 2d6 50 150
Carbine 1 2d6 100 300
Assault Rifle 2 2d8 200 600
Advanced Combat Rifle 2
HE 3 x 1d6* 200 1000
Discarding Sabot 2d10 200 1000
Slug 2d8 200 600
Accelerator Rifle 2 2d6 100 200
Rifle 3 2d10 200 800
Automatic Rifle 4 2d10 200 800
Light Machine Gun 4 2d10 300 1000
Shotgun 3
Shot 4 x 1d6 30 80
Slug 3d6 100 200
Gauss Rifle 2 3d8 400 1260
Light Assault Gun 4
HE 4 x 1d6* 200 400
Flechette 4 x 1d6 50 200
Discarding Sabot 3d8 200 600
RAM Grenade (on rifle) +1 (add to weapon) 100 1000
Impact 4d6
Frags (per target) 2 x 1d6
Laser Pistol 0 2d6 100 400
Laser Carbine 1 2d8 300 600
Laser Rifle 2 3d6 400 800
PGMP-12 5 4d8 200 750
PGMP-13 3 4d8 200 1000
PGMP-14 4 4d8 200 1000
FGMP-14 4 4d10 200 1500
FGMP-15 3 4d10 200 1500

Notes: Damage shown as "3 x 1d6" means 3 hits on target, each of 1d6 damage; damage shown as "4 x 1d6*" means 4 hits on the same location, each of 1d6--each hit must get through armor separately.

Armor works essentially the same as in basic RuneQuest, except that layering is only allowed using reflec underneath any other armor (per Traveller rules). Some armor has special characteristics, which are noted in the armor table. All characters are assumed to be medium sized, so the normal ENC based upon the Traveller weights is used. One advantage that using RuneQuest gives you is that armor can be specific per hit location, so you can, for example, have Combat Armor for the head, chest, and abdomen, with ballistic Cloth for the arms and legs. To determine ENC in mixed armor situations, use the ENC per Hit Location table and apply it to the Traveller armor weights. Sealed armor that is penetrated is no longer sealed, though at Tech Level 12 all sealed armor is self-healing and penetrations do not cause loss of seal.
Armor Table
Armor Points Special Information
Jack 2
Mesh 8
Cloth (Ballistic) 3/10 3 vs. crushing and laser weapons, 10 vs. other weapons
Reflec 10/1 10 vs. lasers, 1 vs. other weapons
Ablat 9/4 9 vs. lasers, 4 vs. other weapons
Combat Armor 12
Battle Dress 12 Must be bought as complete suit, counts only 1/4 ENC

Combat Environment Suit is a sealed Cloth (Ballistic) armor suit. Combat Armor is also sealed, but only if bought as a complete suit. It is possible to purchase a mix of Combat Armor and Cloth (Ballistic) armor and if all locations are covered, have it be sealed to be a sort of hybrid CES.

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Re: Traveller & RuneQuest Hybrid Game

Post by Skeller » Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:43 am

So how does it play?

Also, you gotta love a game with the skills Broadsword and Mass Driver on the same list.

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Re: Traveller & RuneQuest Hybrid Game

Post by Katzbalger » Sat Dec 31, 2011 10:57 pm

Don't know how it plays yet--as I just finished the write-up. Besides, I don't actually have an adult group right now (just my kids and their friends, and they aren't inersted in trying out something Dad's come up with just yet).

Though my son and his friends have tried out regular Traveller recently, which may have been what originally planted the seed of this.


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