Death Squads: Prisoner Exchange 2012 WIP

It’s that time again. The Death Squads forum is running their annual Prisoner Exchange Program. Basically you build an awesome mini and send it off to another random participant and you receive a custom converted mini from somebody else. The whole thing is great fun and really builds the community.

Last year I built this little guy. Kurtz, the chaos renegade. He lives in Brazil now.

This year I really wanted to do one of the hired guns. The Rogue Psyker, Apostate Preacher, or a Chaos Gun Servitor would be really fun to build. These are so open ended conceptually you can really let the imagination run free. I have built or painted any figures in a long time. This project has me really excited so I went down to the shop and dove right in. I just grabbed up what was laying around and built this little guy. He is Kurtz’s brother. His name is Ghus. He is a renegade obviously built along the same plan as ole Kurtz.

I still intend to build one of the other hired guns. I might with any time and luck build them all and some one might get an entire mercenary retinue for their game.

I’ve put more work into Ghus since I took these photos this morning. I augmented his gas mask with some heavier hard ware and I’m planning on reworking his lower legs and feet I believe. We’ll see what happens.

Thanks for reading.

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