Dark Heresy: Online 8


“Well, something went that way.” Tauron nods to the southern passage. “I believe the chest I mentioned lies in the other direction.” Tuaron starts confidently towards the eastern passage muttering, “This has turned out to be a most exciting holiday. I must make a note of it when I get my belongings ba-urrghkk!”

Stig hauls on the shackles and pulls the noble up short.

“Curtis, you stay here and keep an eye on that southern passage. If anything comes back let us know. Stig, let’s go check out the eastern passage” Lazerus says. Curtis nods. He and Stig then head for the eastern passage, dragging Tauron along.

The eastern passage entrance is a spectacular display of gore. Lumps of raw meat punctuated with jagged white bone are heaped in the archway. Chunks of dark meat organ are stuck stuck to the walls and everything is painted in thick black blood. The stench is over powering. The over head panel lights didn’t survive the shoot out and so the passage continues away into darkness. Stig’s lamp pack reveals a long straight passage.

Lucius shuffles about in the shadows tending to the arcane control panels. He removes a rune etched dust cover from a access terminal, pulls a silver tipped feed line from his hood and plugs into the bases cogitation mainframe. Streams of data flood his augmented mind.

Prose rolls over and climbs unsteadily to his feet. He is a ruin of a man. His charred and melted flesh swathed with weeping bandages. His clothing is crumbling rags, fused in some places with his blistered flesh.

He pulls his blackened pistol from a brittle holster and takes up a position by the generatorium doorway.

Sila watches him as he moves with agonizing slowness. She lowers her head and whispers another prayer to the Emperor, then lowering Kron’s unconscious head onto her pack she rises and approaches the Priest.

“Father, wait. I will tend to you wounds.”

She raises her hands towards him. Her eyes and finger tips begin to glow a gentle blue.”

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