Dark Heresy: Online 50

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Lazerus shouts, “Curtis, into that vehicle bay!”

Curtis steers the Dakar into the bay. It plows through the dune and slides to a stop inside. The hazard lights continue to flash as the outer door reverses it’s traverse and begin to close.

“Helmet’s on!” Lazerus commands pausing only a moment before he opens the rear hatch a bit to vent the cabin of the fumes from Lucius’ melting synapses.

Lucius’ mind is shattered bits and pieces of memories drift past like a million puzzle pieces. He grasps at them, gathering them, and trying to fit them together into a whole.

Smoke continues to drift up from his hood.

The interior of the vehicle bay is lit with sweeping flashes of orange from the hazard lights. It is a massive rockcrete room, cluttered with machinery and unrecognizable vehicles, all in an apparent state of disassembly.

The door slides shut and the lights go dark.

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