Dark Heresy: Online 41


“I’m afraid we are not that team. But we are here to put a stop to what’s been going on.” Lazerus says to Horatio.

“Lucious, figure out what we need to do to deactivate the reactor. After we get that done we can go and purge mine #12” Lazerus continues.

Lucious addresses Horatio. “May I review the information stored on these cogitators to determine the cause of the reactors timely start and make a determination based on the evidence there? I will require power be diverted to the main cogitator for this purpose.”

Kron and Sila move closer to the group.

Horatio gestures to the cogitator banks. “Do what thou wilt, Brother Brokenheart. But be warned. We have limited power and the power we do have is spent on illumination and security. If you do divert the power. Do it quickly, lest the beast find their way inside.”

Curtis moves towards the huddle of survivors. They shuffle about nervously as she approaches.

“How have you survived this long?” The guardswoman asks.

One of the men, a gaunt squire with a scruff of blond beard looks at her wide eyed. “Well ma’am, we have been diligent in our faith. It is the Emperor who has preserved us from the darkness.” He makes the sign of the Aquila and then look down at his shoes.

Stig loiters around looking at all of the strange instrument displays. He has little comprehension of the discussion at hand.

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