Dark Heresy: Online 40

Lazerus and Stig deftly remove their suits.

Curtis leans against a cogitator and says, “Seems as though the Emperor works in mysterious ways.”

Kron and Sila hang back at the edge of the room and slip out of their suits.

Lazerus addresses Horatio.

“I’m from the Arbites, the large fellow with the stubber is from the Guard and so is the female. You can probably guess for yourself where the cogboy’s from. As for the rest, I can assure you that you don’t want to know that information.” He says.

Lucius steps up.  “I am Lucious Brokenheart of the Adeptus Mechanicus, liason from the Martian Priesthood to this group…”

Lazerus continues, “What can you tell us about those. . . things out there? Where do they come from?”

Lucius looks at him and shouts, “Those things are abominations, servitors created with dark means and a darker purpose.”

“That they are.” Says Horatio making the sign of the Aquila over his heart. “We have worked here for thirty years keeping the up the Emperors investments here. All the mines have been shut down. The equipment packed and stored. We watch over it. Two years ago Outpost Mine #12 came on line, draining power from the grid. The reactor was shut down to auxiliary status after the exodus. There was barely power for our crew. We sent out a team to investigate and they never returned. Then the reactor returned to full power and when we approached it, this time armed and with greater caution, we were set upon by all manner of horrors. We retreated to the Port town but soon found ourselves under siege by a growing group of mutant servitors and other nameless abominations. We lost more people to the beasts and soon they began to burn the buildings, first the Chapel and then the barracks units, we fled here and fortified the space port, in hope that a rescue team would land here and deliver us from this nightmare. We are hoping you are that team…”

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