Dark Heresy: Online 38

Curtis takes the vox mic from it’s cradle over her head and cues the external relay.

“We will be disembarking momentarily… The emperor protects.” She says with stern authority and then returns the mic and pops the rear hatch.

The team files out of the Dakar. Lazerus and Stig first, followed by Curtis and Lucius, with the pyskers bringing up the rear.

Stig and Lazerus fan out to the left of the hangar, weapons ready.

Kron and Sila follow just behind Lucius as he approaches the man in the enviro-suit who led them here.

Curtis waits by the Dakar.

Shadowy figures are trying to remain unseen behind the stacks and doing a poor job of it.

Lucius cues his suits vox. “What has happened here?” He asks the blank face mask of the other man’s suit.

“We are segment 09-10. The skeleton crew left to care take the operations facilities here by the Munitiorium.”

The man gestures tot he doors on the back wall with a heavy sealed gauntlet. “Come inside, where it is secure. Let us speak face to face.” He walks towards the door, then pauses to see if Lucius and the team will follow.

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