Dark Heresy: Online 005

The dog thing stops twitching. Stig looks around slowly as if in shock, then recognizing the swirling gas for what it is begins to yell, “Gas! Gas! Gas!”

He and Lazerus fumble their respirators from side pouches and fit then to their heads. Curtis and Sila follow suit.

Lucius having no need of a respirator, walks crookedly over to the now inert gas canister and retrieves it with metal fingers.  He hold sit up to his optics and turns it slowly around.

Stig is surprised to find his hand is only slightly bruised after his gun exploded, which seems a small concession considering his melted chest.

Stig notices a huge pile of bloody skulls in the corner of the room, which didn’t seem to be there earlier.

The big guardsman makes his way to Lazerus and they drag the unfortunate Tauron towards the Generatorium doors.

Lazerus can hear shouting off in the darkness followed by the cries of children. He sees that the floor is covered in blood and it seems to be growing deeper.

Lucius speaks as they pass him. “Be warned meatbags. This canister contained a micronised neuro-toxin. A highly volatile hallucinogenic aerosol compound. You may begin to experience brain dysfunctions.”

The tech priest slips the canister into a belt pouch and marches towards the Generatorium doors.

Hearing his words Sila hurries to Kron and fits the man’s own respirator over his head.

Curtis seems to be slapping at unseen insects.

Tauron hangs slack in the grip of his large captors. He stares up at them, their faces hidden behind black masks, as they drag him towards the large double doors.

“I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot…” He gasps still trying to catch his breath. Tauron, his heels scraping along the rockcrete, notices that the lens of his captors masks have begun weeping thick rotten blood.

Stig kicks the door open and it swings silently into another dark chamber. Lucius limps past him. The Priests lamp pack shows another identical set of doors which Lucius pushes throws wide.

“I will perform a diagnostic ritual to determine the status of the power grid.” The Tech Priest barks at Lazerus and limps off to the right.

The others file inside, Curtis carrying Prose, Sila helping Kron, who seems vaguely conscious as if in a trance.

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