Dark Heresy: Online 002

Lucius limps, towards the fallen priest, his damaged leg clanking loudly with each step.

Sila cradles Kron in her arms, rocking him and whispering prayers into his ear. She looks up with a start as Stig yells.

“Freeze! Get down! Down on the floor now!” The big guardsman shouts, raising his guns at the naked man pinned in his lamp beam.

Tauron peers in the the light.

“Are you friend or foe? I’ll have your answer now. I haven’t any more patience for this place.” He says with aloof annoyance. Stig’s fingers tighten on the triggers. Lazerus stops his sweep and hurries towards the commotion.

Suddenly, the sound of movement in the darkness behind Tauron distracts Stig, and Tauron turns sharply, peering over his shoulder into the black.

A burning bright red flare bursts into life, quickly followed by two more. The too bright sputtering crimson glow reveals the tall rags swaddled form of the daemonic frog bowl surgeon, flanked by three misshapen servitors, their baleful eyes glowing green, each holding a sputtering flare rod with one of its many mechanical limbs. Crouching near the surgeons legs is what appears in the lurid flare light to be a large hairless dog. Its head and snout are shaped like a mallet, the features are blunted. It is wearing a complicated leather harness around its trunk . The horror sits back on its hunches and raises its forelegs revealing human shaped hands complete with thumbs. The dog beast grins showing thick black gums set with double rows of arrow head teeth. The daemonic frog flops and twitches in its bowl. Garbled gibberish blasts from its chest speaker and the noise feels like a slap in the face as it washes over Stig and Tauron. The batrachian headed surgeon raises its clockwork arms and points a brazen object, like a screaming gargoyle caged in brass pipes, directly at Stig.


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