Chaos Terminators of the Plague Father.


Believe it or not these guys started out as loyalist space marine terminators. A guy I know had purchased them, assembled them and then scraped and chiseled off all the Imperial iconography. He was building a chaos space marine army with a “just after the heresy theme”, so they needed to be less spiky than the available chaos termie models. He traded them to me along with the rest of the unfinished army in exchange for some landscaping. I’m a huge fan of the barter system. I’m pretty happy with all the models I got, but I never liked these guys. They were to hacked up to resell and I didn’t like their neat and tidy loyalist looks at all. I want my Nurgle marines to be oozing entrails and vomiting maggots. I can’t dig on the clean white armored Heresy Death Guard some people have going, it’s not for me. So these guys sat on my table for a long long time. I would fiddle with them when I got bored. First I pulled all there heads off with a pair of pliers (curse you plastic glue) and replaced them with some zombie heads. Then all hell broke loose and I just started gluing on random bits, and wire, drilling in bullet holes and hacking them up with battle damage and what have you. It was a nice change of pace for me because I’m usually very timid with my models, always afraid I’ll mess them up. I didn’t care about these guys and that’s how I got them to where we are today. I don’t work much with green stuff. I do however make a lot of hideous zombie heads and masks out of Great Stuff. Yeah, the expanding insulation foam you get at hardware stores. So I put these termies to a test.


I sprayed out a bit of the foam and then with a length of wire I scooped it up and applied it to the models, ever so slightly, because it does expand by 300% or something crazy like that.


It swelled up and oozed all around nicely. These dudes were definitely looking Nurgley. I was really happy with the results of my 10 minutes of work. So I primed them up and took them to battle. Where if I recall correctly, they got viciously hammered by bane blades. So I brought them home set about painting them. The paint jobs are quick and dirty with lots of rust corrosion and purple buboes, with a basing to match my ash wastes/city fight table.









Took me about a week to get them all done. I’m guessing folks will either really love them or really hate them. Let me know what you think.

  • theHman

    OMG, that is just wicked!
    You sir, make me want to start playing Nurgle even more than I already did.
    (and it is all I can to stop myself from collecting yet another army).

    Well done.
    I especially love the guy with the tentacle head. So cool!

  • skeller

    Thanks. It's hard to resist the call of ole grand pappy Nurgle.

  • skeller

    Thanks. It's hard to resist the call of ole grand pappy Nurgle.