Working cover for my mega-dungeonesque project.

The project is a megadungeon for Mutant Future. Set in the jungle over grown ruins of a futuristic mega-city. The city streets and jungle are a sandbox location with random encounters and even a random building ruin creation table. While the places of import the super domes, space port, hospital and others are pre written and mapped in detail. The focus is on the ecology of the cities denizens, the puzzles provided by highly sophisticated ancient technologies, and the treasures of a lost age.

Right now, the project is a big pile of notes, creature drawings and scribbled maps. I’ll be posting bits of it here as it comes together.


Feeling a new wave of inspiration, Matt and I have spent some time fixing up the site. He’s fancied up a lot of the technical aspects and I made a big shiny new extra gobliny banner. So to celebrate this new look I’m posting a link to a short story I wrote about Grots, the little runty guys who are slaves and servants to the Space Orks in Warhammer 40k. I wrote it last year and would like to share it with you.

Da Grot’s Life.

Thanks for reading.

Dark Heresy: Online

Four years ago I decided to run a Dark Heresy game here in the Goblin Mini Mart Forums. I scribbled up a notebook full of notes for an entire adventure series full of dark intrigues, fiery action sequences, all served dripping with shivering chaos madness. I have been in love with RPGs since I was a wee lad and I felt like I had been waiting for a game like Dark Heresy all my life. It combines all the great games of my youth, Dungeons and Dragons, Rogue Trader 40k, and Call of Cthulhu, into something very rich and immersive. When I first laid hands on the original Black Library copy, I knew I had to find a way to run it. I also thought it would be a great way to exercise my amateur writing skills and keep me in the groove, so to speak.

I put out a call for players and three daring souls stepped up to the task. Originally the game would update every Sunday and Wednesday, but as time has gone on that has changed from almost everyday to once a month or less and back again. Four years and several hundreds of posts later we have quite the story on our hands, a woeful tale, filled with action, danger, heresy and death.

The format and slow style of the game seems to turn some people off, but to those with patience it is a juggernaut of game, slowly chugging along and always rewarding. Even though our game has been hidden away in a little used forum at the end of the internets, I know more people are reading the game posts than just the players and I, the stats show it in the high numbers of views.

Why am I mentioning this here, now? I’ve decided to start posting the ever unfolding tale to the front page of the blog here at Goblin Mini Mart as it happens. Partially because I’m exceptionally proud of the story we’re telling and I’d like to share it with anyone who has interest in angry Orks, Dark Mechanicus, Traitor Witches, Chaos Servitors Hive Cities, Inquisitors, Grots, Underhive shanty towns and the stead fast servants of the Imperium of Man. Secondly I’ve become increasingly drawn to the works of the INQ28 and Inquisimunda communities. The fusion of narrative, game characters and converted miniatures is really inspiring. I’ve been planning warbands, building models and working out back stories for them. Then I realized I already have a trove of it available to plunder and share.

So here it is. As always, thanks for reading and comments are greatly appreciated.

This is a link to the beginning of it all.

This is a link to the most current post.

Much thanks to ImperialServant, Guardsman001, LeroyPutty, johngoblin, and most recently truck-de-monster for all their contributions to the whole.

Death Squads: Prisoner Exchange 2012 WIP

It’s that time again. The Death Squads forum is running their annual Prisoner Exchange Program. Basically you build an awesome mini and send it off to another random participant and you receive a custom converted mini from somebody else. The whole thing is great fun and really builds the community.

Last year I built this little guy. Kurtz, the chaos renegade. He lives in Brazil now.

This year I really wanted to do one of the hired guns. The Rogue Psyker, Apostate Preacher, or a Chaos Gun Servitor would be really fun to build. These are so open ended conceptually you can really let the imagination run free. I have built or painted any figures in a long time. This project has me really excited so I went down to the shop and dove right in. I just grabbed up what was laying around and built this little guy. He is Kurtz’s brother. His name is Ghus. He is a renegade obviously built along the same plan as ole Kurtz.

I still intend to build one of the other hired guns. I might with any time and luck build them all and some one might get an entire mercenary retinue for their game.

I’ve put more work into Ghus since I took these photos this morning. I augmented his gas mask with some heavier hard ware and I’m planning on reworking his lower legs and feet I believe. We’ll see what happens.

Thanks for reading.

Reaper Miniatures Store!

Goblin Mini Mart is the result of a long lasting friendship. Recently I was able to pay back some of the scale tipping favors I owe by flying down to Texas and helping my friend Matt (who built and maintains this website) move into his first house. That’s right, mofo is now a Home Owner! He has a beautiful house new outside of Dallas/Fort Worth, which I discovered is not far from Denton, TX. Home of Reaper Miniatures. Needless to say we had to make a trip out there. The place is rather unassumingly situated in a corrugated warehouse space, hidden in an industrial park.

But inside was a fully stocked gaming store just stuffed full of Reaper goodness. Now it’s not like you can’t buy anything at anytime over the internets, but there is just something special about standing in a real game store chock full of the things you love.

They also had a killer back room full of painting stations with free access to all their paints. I’m a bit sad I didn’t have time to try it out.

But we had a keg of Shiner to pick up for Matt’s house warming (wrecking) party so we bought our own weight in miniatures (weresharks everywhere!) and hit the road.

I was a happy man.