Necromunda Terrain: Shanty Town Riot!

I love Necromunda every last bit of it, from the worst mutant infested underhive crawl to glittering 80’s hairstyles of the spire nobles. Sadly I’ve only ever played it once. Something I decided to rectify earlier this year and after hunting down several versions of the rule books from used book sellers and dropping some cash into ebay auctions for various vintage gang models I was ready to go. Then life came along and underhive gang wars were swept aside for things far less awesome yet far more necessary. So eight months later I found myself back in the basement with three huge tubs of bits, a great pile of cardboard from the recycle bin, and a big bottle of craft glue. Below are the results of the project so far. It is all still very WIP. But I’m very excited at this point and I can’t wait to get this stuff painted and play some games.

The shanties are stack up around what would be the huge vent and flues that run all through the underhive. These would keep the huts warm and maybe allow them to leech power or water at the same time.

I thought this style of building would allow players to move their gangers in a Q-bert style up and down the piles of huts. I also have lots and lots of loose gantries which can be placed after the terrain is set.

The over pass is a ruined service road. It still needs extensive detailing and will be getting it’s own piles of shanties and rubbish soon.

I’d love to hear what people think. Advice from veteran players about what terrain types are fun to play on would be greatly appreciated.

Staying Focused: 2010 to do list review.

Last March I was having trouble staying focused on my hobby projects. So I wrote up a long list of the projects in hopes that being able to see everything cataloged in front of me would facilitate me getting some stuff done. This is a wrap up post to show what actually got finished. Below is the list with [COMPLETED] and [BUILT] edits to mark the stuff that I finished building and/or painting. I’m hoping that seeing how much I did will inspire me to get back to work.

Categories: Orks, Chaos Renegades, Terrain and Mordheim.


1. Painting Battle Wagon.
2. Painting Stompa A.
3. Building and painting Stompa B.
4. Building and painting kustom weird boy.
5. Mega Armored Warboss Ghazghkull conversion.
6. Painting Ork Trukk conversion.
7. Building and painting Looted Wagon.
8. Paint Nobs mob.
9. Paint numerous boyz.
10. Paint two Mega Nobz.
11. Build and paint last Killa Kan mob. Thanks, The Barter Bucket!
12. Build and paint Biker Mob.
13. Paint Zap guns and crews and build and paint (1) crew.
14. Build and paint Ork Objective markers. [BUILT]
15. Building and painting Ork buggies and Trakks.

Not much happening with the ole orks.

Chaos Renegades-

1. Paint Chaos Dreadnought conversion. [COMPLETED]
2. Paint and build Chaos Renegade Guardsmen.
3. Paint Mutants.
4. Paint Renegade Ogryn.
5. Paint Plague Marines. [COMPLETED]
6. Paint Defiler. [COMPLETED]
7. Paint Rhino. [COMPLETED]
8. Paint Daemon Prince. [COMPLETED]
9. Paint DIY Great Unclean One. [COMPLETED]
10. Build and Paint Chaos Lord.
11. Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle. [COMPLETED]

Lots of love for Chaos last year. Lots of love.


1. Build and paint Mad Dok Morkenstiens Kastle.
2. Build and paint Great Basilica.
3. Paint Plasma Generators.
4. Paint Bombarded Park.
5. Paint Ruined Mechanicus temple. [COMPLETED]
6. Paint Machine Cut Imperial Ruins. [COMPLETED]


1. Build and paint Possessed. [BUILT]
2. Build and paint Magus.
3. Build and paint numerous Henchmen.

Not to shabby, considering I really only worked on stuff the first half of the year. I even finsihed a few things that weren’t on the list, mainly terrain stuff for the city of Vaustgrad.

I’m hoping to be a bit more prolific in 2011. I’ve had to add a few new things to the list since a nice gent gave me a 3000pt WFB Warriors of Chaos Army and I won a whole Necromunda Scavvy gang on ebay. I also have a Necromunda/Forge World table idea I’m really dieing to get started on.

Happy New Year!

Death Squads: Living Rule Book 0.6.0 Released!

It came on Christmas and who could ask for a better present, than free 40k based skirmish rules. The boys over at Death Squads work really hard on their product and I’m happy to have it in front of me. I’ve got my squad together and so have some of the boys from Full Command. Hopefully sometime soon we’ll be meeting up on the southside at FTW Games for some small scale narrative gaming!

Here’s a look at my Imperial Renegades gang and their accompanying squad roster.

159 Commander – Gulu Sharkakan (65)
Chainsword +27 Hell Pistol +31 Carapace Armor +17 Combat Knife +0 Incendiary Grenade +19

133 Enforcer – Turgle Maquan (42)
Chain Sword +27 Las Pistol +27 Carapace Armor +17 Combat Knife +0 Choke Gas Grenade +8 Helmet +20

79 Apostate Preacher – Manias Fulk (44)
Mesh Armor +17 Combat Knife +4 Auto Pistol +14

110 Renegade Sergeant – Baln Davos (39)
Carapace Armor +17 Chainsword +27 Las Pistol + 27

162 Militia Men – Hanz and Fritz (23×2)
Helmets +20×2 Mesh Armor +17×2 Autoguns +21×2 Knife +0x2

123 Renegade Ogryn – Mongo (71)
Buzz Saw +32 Kurzikan Armor +20

That’s the team right now. Maybe I can get some paint on them before they see first blood.

You can pick up the new Death Squads Rule Books Here.

Happy Holidays!

Death Squads Prisoner Exchange.

This is Kurtz. He’s a renegade guardsman out to spread the glories of chaos. Being a chaos grunt has left him a bit ragged and scruffy, but he has a really big gun, which makes him happy.

He is my model for the Death Squads Prisoner Exchange. A trans world miniature exchange program where participants build a character model and send it off to another participant. Everyone signed up sends a model and everyone receives one.

Kurtz here is now primed and waiting for paint. When I’ve got him all fancied up and receive my recipients address, he’ll be packaged up and shipped to parts unknown. Perhaps he’ll find himself some team mates and become a member of a real cool death squad.

Death Squads is a Mordheim based fan produced game set in the 40k universe. You can download the 224 page rule book and check out the awesome community which has sprung up to develop and support it HERE.

Special thanks to Rob at SpikeyBitz for the conversion ideas and to Mordheimer at Death Squads Game for a great community event.