Working cover for my mega-dungeonesque project.

The project is a megadungeon for Mutant Future. Set in the jungle over grown ruins of a futuristic mega-city. The city streets and jungle are a sandbox location with random encounters and even a random building ruin creation table. While the places of import the super domes, space port, hospital and others are pre written and mapped in detail. The focus is on the ecology of the cities denizens, the puzzles provided by highly sophisticated ancient technologies, and the treasures of a lost age.

Right now, the project is a big pile of notes, creature drawings and scribbled maps. I’ll be posting bits of it here as it comes together.

Gamma World Denizens in 3D!

Been 3d sketching Gamma World denizens with Grandma’s homemade playdoh, while playing with my daughter. I get to make my little weird dudes and monsters in between all the kittens and baby elephants I’m bidden to produce so my sweet child can systematically dismember them. I enjoy it as the consistency of the material only allows you a limited amount of scale and detail. I just try for the most character I can get with a blend of distinguishing features and simple details. Then they get smooshed.