Dave Taylor’s Blood Pact Tattoo Contest: Winner Announced.

When world famous modeler Dave Taylor’s blog following reached 500 members, Dave decided he needed a new tattoo to commemorate the event. So he held an online contest with sweet prizes. He received a ton of incredible entries and after much deliberation I’m sure, today he announced the winner. Congratulations Robert on your win. It is an amazing design, which conjures up all sorts of sinister blood pact imagery in my mind. I love it. You can see the winners announcement here.

Here are the designs I submitted for consideration.

I wanted to get a carved into the flesh look while keeping a simple black line tattoo style, I’m not sure if it worked. But I had fun doing it and really enjoyed the contest. Thanks Dave. Maybe this will end up on one of my renegades banners some day.


Waterloo Minis Golden Emperor Painting Competition

Golden Emperor

Our favorite local game shop, Waterloo Minis announces its first Golden Emperor painting competition. This competition is open to anyone and covers Warhammer Fantasy, 40K, Flames of War, WarMachine and Hordes.

*The date is set for 3/28/09.
*There is a $5 entry fee for your first model and $1 for each model thereafter.
*Your entries can be models you already own as long as they were painted only by you.

The guidelines for the Golden Emperor competition can be found in our forums.

Spring 2009 40k Terrain Modeling Contest.


It seems we’ve been playing to much Cities of Death around the Goblin Mart. So we decided to have a terrain building contest with plant life as the theme. The plethora of varied alien plant life found on the worlds of the Imperium is limitless. Let’s see some creeping plague vines, groves of blood cactus, hatchet ferns, yellow mung berry bushes, eye covered warp trees and armored sporical bloat pods. You can do ruined parks for your cities of death tables or bubbling hydroponic algae tanks for your forgeworld set up.

You’ve got six weeks.

Check out the details here.

Battle Hymn 2009 – Richmond, VA.

Mark your calendars, friends!


This is a great gaming event and it gets bigger every year. It runs concurrently with the 2009 Old Dominion Open Scale Model Show and Contest, which is also a great event. We went last year, had a great time and met lots of real nice folks.

Check out this thread for some of our pictures from last year.

The Goblin Mini Mart crew will be on hand running some tabletop demos, eating some snacks, and talking smack all day. We’ll see you there Saturday, February 28th 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

For information on the venue, including directions, visit http://www.ipmsrichmond.org/contest.html

For information concerning the gaming show check out http://www.myspace/battlehymn