Gamma World Denizens in 3D!

Been 3d sketching Gamma World denizens with Grandma’s homemade playdoh, while playing with my daughter. I get to make my little weird dudes and monsters in between all the kittens and baby elephants I’m bidden to produce so my sweet child can systematically dismember them. I enjoy it as the consistency of the material only allows you a limited amount of scale and detail. I just try for the most character I can get with a blend of distinguishing features and simple details. Then they get smooshed.

Dark Heresy: Online Art Break

Internet connection got eaten by squirrels again. I had big plans this weekend for another round of siteĀ  evolution to match my changing/ reverting interests. But that will have to wait until the line tech gets out here next week. So enjoy this art while you wait. You may recognize these nasty guys from earlier.




Stay tuned for more DH next week.


Feeling a new wave of inspiration, Matt and I have spent some time fixing up the site. He’s fancied up a lot of the technical aspects and I made a big shiny new extra gobliny banner. So to celebrate this new look I’m posting a link to a short story I wrote about Grots, the little runty guys who are slaves and servants to the Space Orks in Warhammer 40k. I wrote it last year and would like to share it with you.

Da Grot’s Life.

Thanks for reading.

Adeptus Mechanicus Priest.


I recently moved our Dark Heresy game to the blog front page. One reason is to provide more awesome content and another is to push my agenda of all these things I do are part of a greater narrative and it’s all art.

A third reason is I’m planning to model the characters and npcs from our game and maybe use them in a different skirmish minis game (Inquisimunda).
How’s that for over lap.

One of the npcs is a Dark Mechanicus Heretek who is basically a twisted robot with a daemonic frog in a bowl for a head.

That should be so much fun, which is surely the goal at the end the day, and the beginning of the day for that matter.
I feel I’ve moved into a sublime zone… where I’m only working on what ever my muse is holding between her tits at the time. Otherwise, I’m not doing it. I’m not forcing myself to be creative any more… to make things for the sake of “doing stuff”. That just makes my mind sour.

So far it seems to be working.