Street Kids of Ur-Hadad – Gang Occupation Generator


Street Kids of Ur-Hadad – Gang Occupation Generator

The occupations listed below all exist within the urchin gangs of Ur-Hadad. The titles of the occupations are in street slang common to the gangs. The Judge will have to determine the exact nature of the occupation for their individual game. All equipment is considered to be makeshift at best. Any equipment which suffers a fumble or a failed ability check during use requires the owner to pass a luck check or the item is considered destroyed.

1. The Bird (+1 to Will saves) Bone whistle, flint shiv
2. The Draw (+1 to Agility checks) Red rag cape, bag of stones
3. The Ruff (+1 to Strength checks) Fingerless gloves, short club
4. The Tuff (+1 to Strength checks) Bucket helmet, weighted chain
5. The Front (+1 to Personality checks) Paper mask, iron shiv
6. The Back (+1 to Reflex saves) Black rag cape, hammer on a stick
7. The Key (+1 to Agility checks) Wire lock picks, wooden mallet
8. The Slink (+1 to Luck checks) 30’ Rag rope, Metal hook
9. The Smile (+1 to Personality checks) Clean white smock, fake gold piece
10. The Grip (+1 to Fortitude saves) Rag padded clothing (+1 AC), Knotted choke cord
11. The Slip (+1 to Luck checks) Bucket of grease, bag of broken glass
12. The Cheese (+1 to Stamina checks) Stolen purse full of stones, 30’ of twine

Street Kids of Ur-Hadad: Supplemental Hazards and Obstacles D11 Table.

I came up with a extra table to go with Edgar Johnson‘s wonderful Street Kids of Ur-Hadad funnel generator as seen in the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad Zine #1. Since it’s Metal Gods, it is a D11 table!

The Street Kids of Ur-Hadad

Supplemental D11 Table.

Hazards and Obstacles

  1. A large sinkhole has opened in this area. Several houses and shops have collapsed into the depths. The sink hole is d100 feet deep and d100+100 feet wide.
  2. Bridge out ahead. The street crosses a bridge and it is either under construction or has collapsed. A 1d30 foot span is missing from the center.
  3. Dead end. A greedy landowner has illegally built a building across what was once a through street.
  4. Riot Barricade. A large pile of refuse, broken furniture repurposed doors and fences and all sorts of rubbish has been mounded up here during a time of unrest, it is 1d20+10 feet tall and as wide as the street.
  5. A hasty clapboard fence has been constructed here to block passage. Peeling wheat paste posters stuck to its surface declare this are a “Plague Quarantine Zone!”
  6. Fire! 1d4 nearby buildings are burning. Smoke fills the street and flames leap from roofs and windows. The ominous creak of failing support timbers can be heard over the roar of the flames.
  7. Flood! Murky swirling waters rush through the low areas of this street sweeping away assorted flotsam and the occasional goat. The water is 1d10 feet deep.
  8. Under Construction. The street surface has been removed and the earth below dug up into a confusing series of trenches and pits. Work materials litter the area and travel is difficult. Movement is reduced by half.
  9. Parade. A Religious or festive parade cross this thoroughfare. It is a long line of elaborate floats, musical ensembles, and costumed dancers. It seems to go on forever and breaking through it may have consequences. The parade takes 1d20 minutes to finish passing.
  10. Congestion. An over turned dung cart has caused quite a commotion ahead. A large and violently milling crowd blocks the way as angry horses rear up and stomp the ground. Men shout and wave their arms and all is chaos.
  11. Dignitaries. Some wealthy notables are passing through the area. Their guards, in fancy uniforms, have formed a cordon along their route, blocking all side streets, with a wall of unsmiling pikemen, as a gilded coach slowly rolls past.

See the Zine for instruction on how to roll a D11, Adam Muszkiewicz style.


Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad Zine #1 – On sale now.


The gentlemen I play Dungeon Crawl Classics with every Thursday evening via Google+ and myself have produced a zine. It is a collection of heavy metal themed house rules and adventure generators, etc. for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. Adam Muszkiewicz and Edgar Johnson wrote the words, and I drew the pictures.

You can get it in print here.

Or get the PDF here.



Necromunda Terrain: Bullet Manufactorum and Primer.


I put a few things together this summer and just now am getting around to posting them here.


I got tired of looking at that Pringles can factory and I tore it down to the base. I built  a whole new structure on top of it and I’ve been calling it the Bullet Factory or Bullet Manufactorum to be more 40k about it. The main structure is made from styrofoam packing pieces, cereal boxes, and some plumbing fittings. All the details are just found bits.


I primered the other pieces (the shanty stacks, the scrap yard, and the watering hole) while I was building the factory. I’m still musing over the fate of the big overpass road way in the back.


Next, I built a toxic chem swamp area with leaking tanks and perilous bridges. Made from water bottles, card board and not much else.


I also roughed up a simple vacant lot with fence because I didn’t want place to be so crowded. But I couldn’t leave it alone, so it’s now in the process of getting a watch tower.


I think these new areas will make for some interesting game play options.


I finally primered up the factory. I used the wrong kind of paint and it looked funny, to shiny, so I had to run to the store and get the right paint and redo it.


I hope to be able to get the air brush out and see how it does getting some real color on these pieces.

Next in the works is a small town center, a sort of commercial hub with a gun shop, meat shack, and an apothecary.

I’ve also started building an inquisitor band for INQ28 so this Necromunda terrain may feel the heavy tread of the Inquisition first.