Adeptus Mechanicus Priest.


I recently moved our Dark Heresy game to the blog front page. One reason is to provide more awesome content and another is to push my agenda of all these things I do are part of a greater narrative and it’s all art.

A third reason is I’m planning to model the characters and npcs from our game and maybe use them in a different skirmish minis game (Inquisimunda).
How’s that for over lap.

One of the npcs is a Dark Mechanicus Heretek who is basically a twisted robot with a daemonic frog in a bowl for a head.

That should be so much fun, which is surely the goal at the end the day, and the beginning of the day for that matter.
I feel I’ve moved into a sublime zone… where I’m only working on what ever my muse is holding between her tits at the time. Otherwise, I’m not doing it. I’m not forcing myself to be creative any more… to make things for the sake of “doing stuff”. That just makes my mind sour.

So far it seems to be working.

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