Dark Heresy: Online 003

Tauron, eyes wide, runs past Stig screaming, “Kill it! Kill it! Kill! Now now now!” The frantic noble races straight into a powerful fore arm close line move by Lazerus. Tauron’s feet go out from under him and he hits the floor hard with a choking cough, the wind knocked from his lungs. As he struggles to suck in a breath, the arbiter’s knee comes down hard on his chest pinning him to the ground. Zip click! A second later Lazerus has the young man rolled over hands fastened behind his back with a pair of blackened steel arbiter manacles.

Sila lays the unconscious Kron gentle on to the floor, she then slowly rises, stepping over him and drawing her las pistol. She places herself between Kron and the enemies and takes aim with the hand gun.

The dog beast yanks a cylinder from its harness, then rears up on its hind legs and throws the object into the center of the warehouse chamber. The cylinder hits the ground with a clank and begins to spin across the floor expelling pressurized gas in a thick growing cloud.

Stig drops low to the ground his auto stubbers roaring. The Surgeon, his frog brain screaming alien incantations, fires his grotesque plasma gun simultaneously.

In a simultaneous hurricane of violence, Stig snarls as he drops, the pistol in his right hand firing a semi auto burst. The Surgeon fires his evil gun and a screeching sphere of white hot plamsa streaks towards Stig. Stig’s bullets find their mark, two rounds punch into the surgeons chest and two more blast through the glass dome of his head. The frog bowls shatters explosively and it’s squealing slippery contents onto the floor as the mechanical body falls backwards to land in a twitching heap. The gun in Stigs left hand jams, the round in the chamber detonates and the gun comes apart violently in his hand just as the plasma burst hits him full in the chest. Stig rolls across the floor with the impact, his chest plate molten and sputtering with white hot fire, the melted flesh beneath sizzling and popping.

Curtis fires a rapid burst of las over Lazerus’ head. The foremost servitor is blown apart under the impacts. It’s left arm flies from its shoulder in a shower of sparks, its chest panel shatters and bursts into flames and finally as it spidery mechanical legs give out its head explodes and the terrible thing slumps to the ground.

The two remaining servitors swivel their heads back and forth in jerky motions. Their gruesome close combat weapons hang limp at their sides. They seem confused and unable to act.

Lucius shouts from across the chamber, ”Purge the hereteks! For the Omnissiah tolerates not the heathen forms of tech heresy! DESTROY THIS ABOMINATION!” He limps forward waving his las pistol in the air.

The frog creature crawls slowly away, trailing foul fluids from two ragged bullet wounds and hundreds of tiny cuts from the shattering bowl.

The big room slowly fills with smoke from the spinning grenade.


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